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Holy Week

No description

Lucile Perrot

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Holy Week

Holy Week
Palm Sunday
Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem
Zechariah 9:9 -

"See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey,on a colt, the foal of a donkey."
Welcomed by a crowd that was waving
palm branches
and covering his path with them
turned their back
on him
Maundy(Holy) Thursday
Good Friday
"Holy Week." BBC - Religions - Holy Week: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday. BBC, 07 Oct. 2011. Web. 28 Oct. 2014.
"Maundy Thursday in the Church « RE:quest." REquest. REquest, n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2014.
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Holy Saturday
The last day of the Holy week, day before
Easter Sunday
Easter Eve
The Saturday before Easter
The day Jesus Christ lay in the tomb after his death.
A day of both sadness and joy among Christians-->
commemorate the passion and death of Jesus and prepare for his resurrection
Maundy => Love one another
Thursday before Easter
Remembered as the day of Last Supper
Jesus washed the feet of his disciples (Eucharist)
- "Catholics
commemorate the
institution of
three pillars of the
Catholic Faith:
the Sacrament of
Holy Communion,
the priesthood,
and the Mass"
How do Christians Celebrate it?
- Special Palm Sunday services
- distribution of palms (symbol of victory)
- Later hung up in houses for good luck, buried to preserve crops, or used to decorate graves- ashes used for Ash Wednesday

Holy Friday is also called Good Friday because the reason for Christ's death was for a good purpose.

For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive by the Spirit.
” Peter 3:18

Holy Week
- Celebrated on the Friday before Easter Monday
- Considered as the day Jesus was crucified
- Christians remember the suffering and death of Jesus Christ
- A day of fasting,prayer,repentance and meditation
- 2015-->April 3

How do Christians Celebrate Maundy Day
- The week before Easter, and the last week of Lent
- Christians commemorate:
The Passion of Christ --> died on Good Friday for the sins of mankind
Resurrection on Easter Sunday to give new life to believers
"Holy Week is
solemn and sorrowful
it also anticipates the
of Easter through the recognition of God's goodness in sending His Son to die for our salvation."
Royal Maundy (Britain)

Held at a great Cathedral
Maundy money is distributed to a senior citizen (one man & one woman) for doing service to their community
Pedilavium (washing of the feet) : Roman Catholic Church

Priest washes feet of 12 people to commemorate Jesus washing the feet of his disciples
17th Century - the king and queen washed the feet of the chosen poor citizens as a gesture of humility and remembrance of Jesus (Britain)
How the Christian celebrate Holy Saturday?

No Mass- only happens after sundown= believed to belong to Easter Sunday
Eucharist is only given as viaticum
(those in danger of death)
Fasting is encouraged
Paschal Candle is lit= symbol of the
rising of Christ as the new light of the world
Create a miniature Easter garden,
with a tomb - the simble of rising Christ will be placed on garden
Sharing of the Meal: Roman Catholic Church
Holy Community shares broken bread and wine in remembrance of the Last Supper
Prayer Watch/Prayer Vigil:
to remember that Jesus asked to pray with him after the Last Supper
How do Christians Celebrate Maundy Thursady
How do Christians Celebrate it?
Learning Objectives:
To know and understand
how Holy Week reflects key Christian beliefs
To know and understand some
key Christian customs
during this time
To evaluate the
importance of Holy Week
in the life of Christians today and some
secular views
on this celebration
Visit to local churches:
masses are not held on good fridays
but christians visit local churches for prayers
Plays and shows:
Christians perform
small plays
relating to the death of Jesus Christ on good fridays
Optional Fasting
3:00 PM
,christians offer a personal prayer because it is beieved that Jesus was crucified at 3p.m. in the afternoon
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