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Ch 31 Types of Animal Behavior

Nicole Miller

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Behavior

Animal Behavior Individual Ecological
(Group) Innate (instincts) Fixed action patterns specific stimulus specific set of events Egg out of nest Goose rolls egg back Learned Habituation ignore Learning to unimportant things Classical conditioning unrelated stimuli with a behavior linking Dogs Food Salivate Bell Operant conditioning Rewards! Punishments! Desired behavior Imprinting time sensitive permanent Are you my mother ? ? ? ? ? Cognitive problem solving decision making future planning lying putting things off chimps? ravens? solving puzzles Competitive establish dominance usually not lethal agonistic Fight for dominance Dominance hierarchies dominant submissive decreases agonistic conflicts Territorial behaviors establish physical areas verbal chemical Foraging FOOD! finding eating energy trade-off Migratory groups moving LONG distances seasonally birds some grazing mammals Biological rhythms circadian daily seasonal/yearly Communication pheromones chemical signals not easily picked up by predators auditory sound travels quicker includes human language Courting & Nurturing attract a mate parenting species specific can last minutes or months visual auditory chemical behavioral Provide food protection skills more less Cooperative altruism helping another without benefit to self Why? Kin selection family genes get passed on Why??? Survial... of the individual... and the species.
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