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Football as a Factor in International Relations

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Seweryn Dmowski

on 26 January 2017

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Transcript of Football as a Factor in International Relations

The Global Game.
Football as a Factor
in International Relations

Theory of International Relations
International relations are...
"...cross-border social interactions and factors defining them" (F. Pearson & M. Rochester)
"...mutual interactions between all elements of international reality" (R. Kuźniar)
"...cross-border social interactions containing wide area of action, circulation of ideas and goods" (N. Roseanau)

Criteria of dynamics and intensity of international interactions
(J. Kukułka)
Conditioning factors
Executive factors
indirect influence on international relations
conditioning circumstances of international interactions
determining mutual relations between international subjects
direct influence on international relations
initiation and organization of international interactions
control of mutual international relations
"A football match will not spark conflict between two countries that enjoy good relations, nor will it bring peace to states that wish to separate. (...) But it can forewarn of a situation which is deteriorating of bring tidings of one that is improving. It provides a way for players on the international stage to split apart or draw close together. So its importance must not be over- or underestimated"
P. Boniface
as a conditioning factor

as a conditioning factor

Football Migrations
Football Tourism
Football Diplomacy
Football migrations (transfers) as an element of global migrations and fluctuation on worldwide labor market
Footballers as ambassadors
Confirming traditional networks (south-north, i.e. from Latin America to Spain and Portugal) and creating new ones (south-south, i.e. from Brazil do Japan or Middle East)
The role of football in fascist Italy in the 1930s
Iran - USA match during World Cup 1998
Turkish-Armenian conflict
The Role of FIFA
Football War
Mirroring Conflicts
International Economy
Honduras vs Salvador, 1969
Host rights
Fascism vs communism
Constant Feedback
England vs Germany
England vs Argentina
Balkan War
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