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No description

HyeJin Jung

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Company

ㅡMcDonald's in Vietnam
: McDonald brothers opened 1st restaurant – McDonald Bar-B-Q
: re-opened the original restaurant featuring “Speedee service system” selling 15 cents hamburger and 10 cents fries.
More than 35,000 restaurants in over 100 countries,

Daily serving more than 69 million customers

Consumer food services share: 3.4%

Growth rate: 4.2% (2011-2012) (Euromonitor International, 2013)

The largest fast-food brand
Market information
Main menu: burgers, breakfast, snacks & sides, beverages and deserts.
Multi-choice Strategy

Product Strategies
: Ray Kroc was the 1st franchisee appointed by Dick and Mac
: established McDonald’s Corporation, first McDonald's in Illinois.
: 700 restaurants over the US (McDonald's 2015)

: Mr. Nguyen Bao Hoang was chosen as the partner of McDonald’s, opened the first restaurant in Vietnam (BBC News, 2014)

The first drive-thru restaurant
in Vietnam

Happy Meal
Extra Value Meal
Attracting potential customers
Increasing in sales and profit
Cost savings
Increasing market share
High brand awareness

Targeting Customers
(13-18 years old)
Adopted from Dailybri.com (2014)

Targeting Customers
Young Adults
(19 - 29 years old)


Adopted from prb.org

Family with children
Targeting Customers
Adopted from thegaurdian.com (2014)

Product Strategies
Product Strategies
Product Strategies
Product Strategies
Happy Meal

French fries
Product Strategies


Pricing Strategy
Product mix pricing strategy
Product line pricing
Product bundel pricing
Optional-product pricing

Pricing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Product adjustment strategy
+ Segmented Pricing
Time- based pricing (McSavers)
Customer-segmented pricing
Place Strategy
Direct Marketing Channel
Promotion Strategy
Pull Strategy
Public Relation
Sales Promotion
- Price Pack
- Coupon
- Advertising Specialties

Marketing Objectives for next year
Increase sales by 10%

Increase chains
There are only five chains in Vietnam.

Happy meal
Happy meal is a one of popular menu in Mcdonalds.

Marketing Objectives for next year
Marketing Objectives for next year
Marketing Objectives for next year
Increase profit

Promotions mc café / dessert
As we can see, Mc café and desert are really organized. Prices are nearly same with hamburgers. It will be a potential profit.

Raise brand awareness

Advertising (TV and Internet)
Our targeting customers are between 13 and 29 as young adults.
Attract a new target market

Reduce consumer resistance
Extend target market (between 30 and 40)
Product Recommendations
Price Recommendations
Place Recommendations
Promotion Recommendations
Localized menu (e.g. rice menu)
Healthy menu (e.g. salad)

Most of materials are imported from oversea

=> Costly

=>Find alternative suppliers in Vietnam

=> Reduce the unit cost of Production

=> Set the price competitively

large floating population for 24 hours
=> 24 services and drive thru service

School zone
Targeting teenagers
=> Happy meals

The Guardian 2014, ‘Sign of the times … Ho Chi Minh city's first McDonald's, which opened in February’, image, The Guardian, 12 April, viewed 22 April 2015, <http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/12/ho-chi-minh-city-vietnam-bakery-abc-burger-bun>
PRB 2003, ‘Health Statistical Yearbook 2000’, image, PRB, February, viewed 22 April 2015, <http://www.prb.org/Publications/Articles/2003/AnOverviewofPopulationandDevelopmentinVietnam.aspx>

McDonald’s 2015, homepage, McDonald’s, Vietnam, viewed 22 April 2015, <http://www.mcdonalds.vn >
Scientific evidence Mood Slice of life
Slice of life
Euromonitor International 2013, Brand Shares, Euromonitor International, viewed 9 March 2015, <http://www.portal.euromonitor.com.ezproxy.lib.rmit.edu.au>
McDonald’s Corp 2015, Travel Through Time With Us!, McDonald’s, viewed 20 March 2015, < http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/our_company/mcdonalds_history_timeline.html >
McDonald’s Corp 2015, The Ray Kroc Story, McDonald’s, viewed 20 March 2015, <http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en/our_story/our_history/the_ray_kroc_story.html>
BBC News 2014, ‘McDonald’s opens first outlet in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh’, BBC News, 8 February, viewed 11 March 2015, <http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-26101009>
McDonald's Vietnam, image,
, viewed 28 April 2015, <https://www.facebook.com/McDonaldsVN/photos_stream>.
Promotion Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Promotion Strategy
I. Introduction
- History of McDonald's
- McDonald's market and products.
II. Current Analysis
- Target Customers
- The current 4P's of McDonald's
III.Marketing Objectives
V. Conclusion

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Y s3518549
Ngo Tu Thanh s3515533
Thai Dang Thanh Thanh s3426348
Jung Jin Ju s3373011
Jung Hye Jin s3324284
Sales Promotion
Sale Promotion
McDonald's marketing strategies are doing well.
The core issues of McDonald's are:
- Competitors : KFC, Lotteria,...
- Latecomer
- Localized menu
- Location
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Reproduced from McDonald's (2015)
Advertising on TV
- HTV7, HTV9 channels, which targeting on children and teenagers (at meal times, late night).

Advertising McCafé
- Competitive price compared with other coffee brands in Vietnam but not popular yet.
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