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No description

Adeline Pan

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of love&love

It all ends in the big topic of... LOVE&LOVE Emotions Strong Affection Compassion Human Kindness Selflessness Desire Trust Happiness Strength Personal Attachment Unconditional UNCONDITIONAL FAMILIAL LOVE ROMANTIC LOVE LOVE IN FRIENDSHIP Pain Fear Lies Jealousy Hate Mistakes Hurting others or ourselves False Integrity Illusion Unfeasible Desire Betrayal BETRAYAL PAIN DESPAIR LOVE Is something that can bring us bring us... At the same time, it also causes... “Mom. No. You won't be. You'll be different, but not ruined.
---The Cake Princess (p181) "I believe what she says, because that's what you do when someone you love tells you that they have a disease that could kill them.---The Cake Princess (p182) "Hedy ironed the pleats of Stanley's white tuxedo shirt...Stanley came over and traced her spine lightly with his hand. 'That's perfect, honey. Bang-on job."
---Nature of Pure Evil (p126) The firendship between Enid and Rebecca in "Ghost World" is firm. They have known each other since they were children, so they are the one that can be trusted by each other. "When Hedy tole her Standley had come home after the wedding, packed a suitcase and left because it had been his own wedding."---Nature of Pure Evil (p126) "Hedy reaches for the telephone to make another bomb threat. In minutes, from the corner windows of this office on the nineteenth floor of the TD Tower, she will see people empty like ants from the art gallery across the way." ---Nature of Pure Evil (p126) In the short story, "Nature of Pure Evil", after 7 years of relationship, Stanley left Hedy and married another woman. All of a sudden, everything seems like a dream. “Enid: It was everything to do with you You remember every little detail I wish I could forget”---"Ghost World"(74) "The throat tightened at the thought of Stanley taking his bride to lunch at Chartwell. They had gone to Chartwell, once, after they first moved in together."---Nature of Pure Evil (p126) "The next day, Hedy showed up at work with swollen eyes bulging like tennis balls. Tiny blood vessels had burst in her nose from a night of crying." ---Nature of Pure Evil (p126)
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