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on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of CONVERSE

Current Market
Situation Market Share Where to buy Chucks a few retailers include... & many other online retailes Competitors what consumers look for in a shoe SWOT what makes a good shoe brand? Target Segments who wears converse? ATTRIBUTES Where to start? official converse website <17 18-25 35+ 26-35 price
high variety strong company
brand personality
good product
no "sell out" mentality little or no income
strong parental and peer influenence
limited transportation
sports & activities
watch more t.v.
no responsibilities limited income
high % student/in school
newly independent
into pop-culture
high level of personal gratification
large market segment
style driven more disposable income
more responsibilities
high % working class
watch more sports
less peer influence
more diverse target segment most disposable income
most responsibilities
moderate tv watching
individuality & influencing
comfort driven good marketing&advertising
brand recognition
strong, diverse product line Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats A lot of Emerging Foreign Markets
Owned by Nike (leader in industry)
Good Reputation & American Iconic Brand
Dual Format strategy to appeal to different consumer type brief Currently limited growth potential as local incomes are low
Small network = limited buying power
Slow progress in expansion of its networks
Small Market Share Current Marketing Campaign pop-culture advertizement Lifestyle advertizement limited edition campaigns sales and promotions Market is growing and demand is expected to increase
Producing product overseas will help cut costs
Product Style is CLASSIC
Extending Converse distribution network can increase future sales Industry controlled by trends
competition is strong in footwear segments
lack of diversification in product line brand recognition advertisements SURVEY & ANALYSIS 18-25 40% working
79% students 58% working
78% students average age 22 Research Results Survey Focus Group Survey looks like this Fishbein Numbers Analyze the Data Recommendations
& Conclusion Recommendations We recommend Converse primarily focus on males a Males already view Converse as priced fairly (average rating of 2.4) We recommend Converse position themselves as a
comfortable, everyday shoe for males We found males favor price and comfort most (both have average rating of 2.6) Males rated converse comfort as a 0.3 there is definitely area for improvement as a product. b c "RE-VAMP" the product Increasing arch support by 1/8 inches. New campaign slogan "MORE COMFORTABLE SHOE" or "BETTER FIT" d Focus on product ADD-ON's product is already a style icon, but fads often change Brand Improvement with Males associating Converse Brand with Sports getting back into the NBA Endorsements focusing on pop-culture Converse can improve on comfort by collaborating with Dr.Scholls making special extra thin/ effective support in-soles. (good opportunity) advertising price promotion for male shoes
through retailers when wearing converse
apparel to help brand recognition and word of mouth customizable add on's like shoe laces and tongue accessories ways to make shoe's your own cost effective and great opportunity to capitalize on a different market niche Costs are low for changing original blueprint product e Limited Edition Marketing ONLY focus on only limited edition Males’ attitude on Converse’s Durability is -0.2 vs Adidas Durability 2.0 Durability is scored as 1.8 for importance We recommend two actions:
Try to sway males’ views with strategic, male-oriented advertisements
And/or release a special edition Converse that is highly durable and in the colors/styles men typically buy Marketing Campaign to associate shoe brand with more masculine images better marketing for limited edition shoe collaboration with trendy male topics keeps the integrity of CHUCK classic design
keeps up with trendy topics
limited edition is a sales point (only 200 pairs each) Converse was founded in February 1908
1915- Converse began making athletic shoes
1917- Introduction of the All-Star basketball shoe
1921- Chuck Taylor Basketball Player joined the company
Ultimately made the shoe brand better 1970's- Converse bought rights to Jack Purcell
-Adidas, Puma, then later Nike and Reebok enter the market
Converse's monopoly
Converse loses title of Official Shoe of the NBA Converse goes bankrupt in 2001, gets bought by Footwear Acquisitions
In 2 1/2 years, Converse moves from 16th to 7th largest footwear company
Nike buys Converse in 2003 for $305 million Unveils official endorser Magic Johnson, 1979-1994
Converse introduces The Weapon in 1986, a leather basketball shoe
Special edition Converse are periodically released
-Dr. Seuss, DC Comics, Jimi Hendrix, The Clash, etc conclusion
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