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Exorcisms and Possession

No description

Carina La Rosa

on 24 December 2014

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Transcript of Exorcisms and Possession

"A person may also come under the power of the devil by reason of the habitual practice of evil or the uncontrolled desire to experience extraordinary mystical phenomena or receive charismatic graces."
Exorcisms and

Heavily adapted (in other words plagiarized) from the notes of Father Steven
's Faith and Scripture talk, '
Diabolical Activity
', June 2013.
Activities/Practices/Actions (Things) That Open Us Up to Diabolical Activity
- Persisting in mortal sin
- Persistent anger and/or hatred
- Psychological issues (abused)
- Dabbling in the occult (Ouija
boards, séances, Harry Potter, Recourse to Fortune Tellers, Psychic Healers, Reiki and even Yoga)
- Listening to bad music (Jimi
Hendrix, Elvis, Beatles)
- Drug Use
- A curse is put on you
- Role playing (various acting roles,
Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, Harry Potter)’
- Holding something back in
As according to Fr. Jordan Aumann's '
Spiritual Theology
Effects of Possession
- Depressed
- Suicidal
- Hearing voices
- Nothing goes well
- Feels oppressed
- Feels a presence
- Sees images
- Bad dreams
- Can’t forgive
- Intense hate
- Medicine does not help
- Aversion to holy things
- Certain spiritual abilities
- Feeling pinned down, can’t move
- Intense temptations
- Hard to distinguish reality from
what occurs in the mind

And Extraordinary Activities!
This guy.
Different Kinds of Diabolical Activities:
Ordinary Activity...
: Everyone is susceptible to various temptations .
1. External Physical Pain
A person experiences external pain inflicted/caused by Satan or demon(s).
Ex. Padre Pio
4. Demonic Possession
A person's body is taken over without the knowledge or consent of the victim. Demons will speak or act using the person's body.
2. Diabolical Oppression
Person is subjected to various misfortunes which affect health, jobs, and relationships.
ex. The Trial
of Job
3. Diabolical Obsession
Intrusive and obsessive thoughts of a nature in which the victim cannot free himself. Can be rationally absurd, lead to depression, desperation, or suicide.
Influences dreams and is similar to mental illness (but isnt a mental illness).
5. Diabolical Infestation
Diabolical infestations affects houses, animals, or things.
Apparently Patrick Wilson knows what he's talking about.
6. Diabolical Subjugation (dependence)
Willing/ voluntary submission to Satan so as to obtain his power.
Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P.
Spiritual Theology
, pg. 293
- Sacramental Confession
- Holy Communion
- Eucharistic Adoration
- Fasting + Prayer
- Sacramentals
- The Cross
- Relics of Saints
- Holy names of Jesus and Mary
Other Methods
- The Rosary
- Gregorian Chant
- Use of Latin
- Prologue of St. John's
- Prayer to St. Michael
Modern Day Examples
Latoya Ammons and Family
-Dealt with many diabolical
- Had three exorcisms
performed: two in English, and
one in Latin
Rev. Michael Maginot dealt with the Ammons' case.
The Exorcist; 'Roland Doe'
The Story That Inspired the Cult Film
Occurred in the late 1940's.

Tried to initiate contact with his deceased aunt via the Ouija board.

Had Lutheran and Anglican rite exorcisms performed before coming to the catholic Church.
Interesting (or additional) Facts!
Other denominational churches and religions will bring their difficult cases of possessions to the Catholic Church.

There are two periods of a possession: periods of calm (no manifestation) and periods of crisis (manifestation, usually occurs during exorcisms) in which the victim may speak and understand different languages, perceive hidden or distant things, and have a super human strength.
* Names have been changed to protect certain individuals.
Even though I'm pretty certain at least half the people in the room know who he is.... just saying.
Detailed documentation of this exorcism are in diaries, published by Thomas B. Allen.
Signs of Possession
- Inexplicable Knowledge
- Ability to speak/ converse in different
- And superhuman strength
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