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5.07 Word Cloud

•Use words and phrases that reflect how the concepts in our word cloud above relate to your life. •Try to include a word or phrase for as many of the concepts as possible. •Include questions you may have about the content in your word cloud.

Tiffany Gregson

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of 5.07 Word Cloud

Unemployment Inflation Specialization Export Comparitive Advantage Quota
Regulation Impact Embargo refusal to import a good a safety and quality standard a tax on imported goods sets a maximum amount of a product for import limits consumer access to goods that are considered to be of poor quality or do not meet social expectations barriers to trade
transporting a good or service to another country in a business transaction

percent of people over age 16 trying and unable to find work

general rise of prices over time

when a country has a lower opportunity cost than another country to produce a particular good or service

Focusing on specific products for production in higher quantities

My (dollar sign) Word Cloud- Tiffany Gregson "there are tiny pics here don't for get!!"
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