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Electronic Marketing Presentation

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Ashlee Millingham

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Electronic Marketing Presentation

Electronic Marketing Tiger Beer & Web 2.0 ETHICAL & LEGAL ISSUES Ads appearing on websites -
Top of the page, Sides of the Page,
Pop up to cover main part of website – gain attention
Issue – people may ignore the ad.
- Businesses charged based on when the ad is clicked on.
Tiger Beer – Web banners on Facebook & Hotmail Services Introduction Electronic Marketing: - Activities involved in planning & implementing marketing in the electronic environment.
Including the internet and web, mobile phones and other information and telecommunications technologies
Did you know...
72% Australian households have access to internet
Not all areas of the world have access to telecommunication technologies
Business may use internet for simple email or transactions
Online marketing is in exploratory and evolving phase - Sale of products via an ‘e-commerce’ website
Example - ASOS
- Texting & emailing customers about up and coming offers Example - Optus
- Offering of discount vouchers online for takeaway food
Example – Dominos
- Offering prizes when customers take part in online surveys
- Using magazine advertising to persuade individuals to subscribe to SMS services Digitalisation Digitalisation refers to products being delivered as information or to present information about a product digitally.
The large problem with digitalisation is that it has opened the door for pirates targetting the entertainment industry.
Grocery stores
The television Film Industry. Profiling Characteristics of Electronic Marketing Examples
Convenience – access web 24/7
Individuals can research products themselves – don’t need to rely on employees advice
No longer have to travel to stores that may be inconvenient Advantages of e-marketing: Can’t physically examine a good before purchasing
Risk of credit card fraud
Greater competition for marketers – geography no longer interferes
Not everyone has access to internet – could miss target markets Disadvantages of e-marketing: Today’s generation known as the ‘net generation’
A lot of time spent on social networks & now business using sites like Facebook & Twitter within their marketing efforts.
5 million people using internet to interact with a brand/organisation
4 million people using social networks as a way to discuss products Electronic Marketing Methods Banner Advertisements Pop Up Advertisements - Open in new window
- Used by – gambling sites, survey companies & adult entertainment websites. Web 2.0 Utilises the power of networks & links
People can contribute, create their own content, share content & have access to much wider range of content Examples of Web 2.0
Facebook& Twitter
YouTube & Flickr Businesses create online communities based around their product or brand. Developed new contemporary packaging to appeal to 21-30 year olds
To promote new packaging Tiger Beer created – facebook.com/tigerbeer
18000 members in 2 months!
Mystery Photographer - encouraged Facebook subscribers to take a picture with the new bottles Tiger Beer
Partnered with Malaysia's leading blog advertising company – Nuffnang
Stand out With Tiger Beer Party
Asked its consumers to tell them why they stand out in life with tiger beer – via blogs
Pictures posted on Flickr & Twitpic & Videos on YouTube
Their party generated a lot of attention for their brand
Customer loyalty increased by 6.25%
Consumption increased by 6%Their party generated a lot of attention for their brand Online advertisement for an organisation
Product & contact details
Found through traditional ads, search engines or links Brochure Sites Websites that provide information about a topic of interest
Provide links with websites of relating content
Usually have advertising & a search engine linked to them
Example – Ninemsn Bing Search Engine Portals Apps allow brands to be permanently located on phone, iPod or tablet
Through app icon a businesses brand & logo are constantly reinforced in consumer minds Apps Email & SMS build relationships with customers
Follow up emails reduce purchase dissonance – encouraging customers to buy again Email, SMS & MMS The use of social networks to spread marketing messages
Businesses believe their marketing efforts and messages can be spread from one person to another
Forwarding of emails, online discussion groups or sharing or links
Negative attitudes arise when businesses attempt to manipulate perspectives or when using social for commercial reasons Viral Marketing Involves making efforts to ensure that when someone uses a search engine, your website is in the best possible position in the results as consumers generally go for those on the first page. Search Engine Optimisation Businesses pay to have their advertisements appear with search results.
Commonly presented along the right hand side of Google
May also appear at the top before search results = Sponsored links Search Engine Marketing E-commerce When a marketing exchange occurs via the internet, mobile or other telecommunication technology.
Businesses can potentially reach anyone across the globe

Other e-marketing efforts such as viral marketing or aspects of web 2.0 can help expose such websites
Quite expensive to have good position, web address & domain name Advantages:
Good method if their product does not suit local consumers as it is bound to suit someone somewhere in the world
Consumers generally don’t buy from websites they’re are not familiar with Profiling
Interactivity and Community
Accessibility and Comparability
Digitalisation Defined as the concept of Identifying information about your potential customers before they purchase a good as well as to find out more about Existing customers. Gathering information Registration
The use of cookies on websites
competitions Interaction and community Surpasses what can be achieved by face to face marketing.
Very low cost
Reaches a large amount of people Examples include:
- Customer service online
- Email Newsletters
- Survey Participation
- Online communities Control The concept of control is based on the consumers ability to choose to ignore or interact with the chosen form of marketing. Push and pull advertising PUSH: Advertising by the marketer delivered to the consumer.
Banner advertisements
Spam emails
PULL: Advertising that the customer will attempt to find themselves.
Subscription email / SMS Accessibility and comparability Through the internet consumers are able to access and research products with complete ease.
Consumers are able to compare prices across multiple stores within minutes as well as complete or look over independent product reviews allowing them to view others experiences with the company and the product. Through the internet consumers are able to access and research products with complete ease.
Consumers are able to compare prices across multiple stores within minutes as well as complete or look over independent product reviews allowing them to view others experiences with the company and the product. Themes surrounding e-marketing Privacy Did you know?
Cookies send information about what you have done on a website you have visited, how long you were there, what site you were on before and what site you went on when you left
Transactional records detail when and where an individual ha used EFTPOS/credit card to spend money & how much & potentially what they purchased
When you subscribe/register an online or offline service a lot of your personal information is obtained... full name, date of birth, address, email, phone numbers, gender, occupation, income Do you know what's in the privacy policy?

In the privacy policy is...

The type of policy information the business may collect from you
Your right to access that information
Whether information will be used to market products to you
If & how that information will be shared with related/unrelated organisations
How to contact organisation Misleading/deceptive conduct Competition & Consumer Act
Fair Trading Act
Commerce Act
Monitor the online realm to prohibit misleading/deceptive conduct These acts prohibit: Anti-competitive behaviours -->colluding with competitors on pricing
Unconscionable conduct
Unsafe products & practices
Some aspects of trade mark infringement
Making false or misleading statements
Misrepresentation of product characteristics Emails, SMS & MMS messages can be read instantly with smart phones
Promotional videos can be sent through MMS – Optus commonly uses this practice Common scams:
Official looking emailed from a bank, retailer/credit card company which direct users to a real-looking website who attempt to obtain your financial details
Fake emails offering sale of products which boost health, appearance or virility
Email asking targe to send money in return for large lump sums of money at a later date to their bank account
Target consumers by asking for some type of financial investment before sending the money consumer has won
Creating massive demand for a particular stock & then selling that stock while price is 'pumped' up Spam : - unsolicited commercial electronic messages Spam impacts an individual & a business by... Wasting their time
Invading their privacy
Exposuring them to obscene content
Exceeding their usage of paid download allowance Spam impacts internet service providers by... Hijacking them Under the Spam Act 2003 (AUS)
Commercial electronic messages... Should only be sent with the receipts’ consent
Must include infuriation about who sent the messages
Must include an unsubscribe facility
Protecting email addresses & mobile phone numbers online
Delete suspicious emails without opening/replying to them
Read the terms & conditions attached to any online offer/service
Using spam filtering software\implementing appropriate security measures to ensure than spammers cannot hijack a personal/business computer to send spam
Using internet resources designed to protect children & young people online
Learning more about email scams & fraud Simple measures to protect yourseld from spam:  Intellectual property rights Illegal to download copies of movies/music & very simple to do so as high-quality digital copies are posted online for all to download
--> This causes issues for the rightful copyright owners as it denies them from sales
Trademarks & domain names are easily copied (Logos, corporate branding material) Use a secondary email address when registering from online services
Install anti-virus software & keep it up to date
Install a firewall
Use email filters to automatically delete spam (junk emails)
Never respond to unsolicited email messages
Never give personal details, particularly banking information to strangers online
Read privacy policy of any organisation you deal with online
Use information & communication technologies appropriately & moderately Simple consumer protection steps online: Consumer Protection

-Fines (hundreds of thousands of dollars)
-Prison time Legal enforcement Technology Burnout Businesses and individuals are feeling as if they have no time to themselves due to numerous technological devices, such as laptop computers, BlackBerry devices, mobile phones & mobile internet
= People working 9am-5pm are additionally reading emails in bed or overseas when they are with family, as they still feel they are connected to their work virtually 24/7

= Individuals are gradually becoming aware to the negative impacts this 24/7 availability of themself is having on their wellbeing and are turning off/unplugging. Set standards of conduct for direct marketers
Minimise the risk of breaching legislations
Promote a culture of best practice
Serve as a benchmark in settling disputes
Increase business & consumer confidence

The code restricts the sending of messages to a consumer unless these conditions apply:
Recipient has requested he message/established business/contractual relationship with the marketer
Recipient has provided the marketer with prior consent to send such marketing messages

= Anyone marketing their products or services via SMS is required to include symbols or text which allows the recipient to easily identify the advertiser, and a contact number to opt out of receiving further messages. Australian Direct Marketing Association - National, non-profit organisation (1966) Case Study Video TIGER BEER Profiling/interaction and community: establishing a community on facebook which allows for information of members to be recorded.
Control : Tiger beer used push advertising in sending out notifications of upcoming events and parties.
Accessibility and comparability: Created access through partnering with Malaysia's largest blogger.
Digitalisation: Stand out photos uploaded to facebook providing information of what the party would have been like. Electronic Marketing and electronic marketing Strategy We also must look at general marketing strategy which must be holistic amongst an organisation in order to achieve the set objectives.
Therefore many parts of forming electronic marketing strategy are also seen within the formation of general marketing strategy Target markets The online population can be segmented into different target groups based on certain characteristics mentioned earlier.

1/3 of Australians online have made a purchase via in the internet.

45% of New Zealanders have made a purchase via the internet

Studies show that people who purchase goods over the internet have a higher income. Customer Relationship management Customer relationship management refers to techniques and processes used to Identify, track and use customer information in order to provide them with greater customer service and to keep them returning to shop again through an establishment of good long term relationships. Positive CRM can lead to:
Positive word of mouth
Creates a sense of difficulty if a customer were to decide they wanted to change to a different provider.

Problems with CRM:
Customers have grown cynical
Customers expect to much from some organisations
Some CRM software packages suffer from cluttered interfaces
Sometimes relied on too heavily by organisations The marketing mix Creating a marketing mix for online users is very similar to creating the overall marketing mix. However it is different in its specifics and approaches.

The four parts of the marketing mix involve:
Distribution Product The most efficient selling of products online refers to those that can be sold entirely as digital products such as music.
Contrastingly business to business transactions however make up the largest part of online purchases made. (Ex. Making a haircut appointment and paying for it online) Pricing Consumers can now research the price of an item through exploring a single dedicated website.
Marketers must find new ways to distinguish themselves from other brands. Prices online must remain consistent with those in store or they will lose business and confuse customers. Promotion Information available today has forced businesses to compete with all new organisations. (Ex. Dymocks competing with Amazon)
Marketers must offer a better value than competitors.
Should perform environment scans. Distribution The internet can be used as a distribution platform.
Customers can see when a good is in stock, pay for it online and find out how long it will take to reach them all through the internet.
A major challenge for an organisation is to keep the cost of delivery at a minimum Evaluation e-marketing effectiveness Many of the issues associated with real world marketing also apply to E marketing

It is very difficult to determine success.

Specific data gained from people entering a website by clicking on an advertisement is very useful.

The online environment is extremely interactive and creates a situation in which an organisation is far more likely to receive detailed qualitative information from their customers. Supply Chain Management: The process of getting raw materials made into products before sending them to the retailer and the consumer.
The internet can aid this process through allowing organisations to connect with each other and manage their stock in real time. Intranets and Extranets: Intranets can hold large amounts of crucial information for an organisation including product information, training materials and even an online community.
Extranets are private networks that operate amongst a number of different organisations. (ex. A computer company having an extranet with a delivery company to share information) The Virtual Organisation Virtual organisations are cost effective and can share information with ease.

The internet has made it simple for organisations to bring together specialists and teams to confront certain tasks.

It is now cheaper and more efficient to hire individuals to maintain different areas within an organisation.
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