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Well, this is a prezi done for my GEOGRAPHY ISU (ikr, another ISU -_-) and it was a real pain that took hours and days to complete.... So i hope you like it and found it useful! This will be *hopefully* the last prezi i will be doing this year >.<

Shanna Chung

on 20 November 2013

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when the number of people in a group exceeds the carrying capacity of the region occupied by the group.
All over the world, countries are suffering from overpopulation but the most overly populated place in the world would be China.

There are more than 1.3 billion people in China at the moment.
And 1 in 5 people on the world is a resident of China
there are 7 billion people walking the earth
it's predicted that out population could become 9 billion
By 2050,
The population growth rate of China is 1.9%, if the world's growth rate was 3%, our population could double in less than 24 years.
Every second,
2 people die, and 5 are born.
Fewer babies are dying due to vaccines, antibodies, safe water better sanitation and elders are living longer due to the better medical care.
We are living longer – in 2010, the average person lived till 69 years old.

Industrial revolution.
Medical advances.
We are able to grow more food using machines and fast and efficient transportation so people have more access to food.
It's due to the
limited availability
of birth control or
no access
to it. Woman were
not educated
about protection and safe sex as well.

Especially in
rural areas
, more children means more people to help work. More children means more children survive (
high mortality rate
In China...
Due to cultural influences there's a big preference for boys since they are thought to be more “useful”. This means they would keep having babies in hope of getting a boy.

In 1949, because of the republic of China, people were paid to have babies to increase the country's workforce, so most families wanted to have as many as possible despite not having enough money to support all of their children. Since then, the population didn't stop growing.
China is a country in Asia that has a population of more than 1.3 billion people.

It's the world’s second biggest economy and potential mega power.

It’s also the second largest country by land area in the world.
The most heavily populated places in China are ...
Shanghai, Beijing, which is also the 2nd most polluted area in China, and Guangzhou.
When this start?
1830 - World reached 1 billion
1999 - World population reached 6 billion
2012 - World reached 7 billion
2050 - Could be as many as 9 billion
50,000 years to go from 0 to one billion and 200 to get from 1 to 7
#1 - Air Pollution
#2 - Youth Bulge
#3 - Government
#5 - Lack of Resources
#4 - Extinction of Other Species
Increase in consumption of energy will cause global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels. As well, it will mean a decrease in natural resources like fossil fuels.
China consumes half of the world’s supply of coal and produces a lot of carbon emissions.
Severe air pollution and air quality is lowered due to factory pollution– life expectancy of people living in China lowered by five and a half years as well. 656,000 die per year due to air pollution
Many people out looking for the same jobs and there's just not enough job availabilities for all of them since there are more people than there are jobs.
High unemployment rate can lead to higher crime rate in China.
The population is beginning to age, from 194 million elderly people to a predicted 300 million by 2025. This will mean
increasing in health costs
and less people working to pay the bill (TAX), which means the government will fall constantly
into debt
as they try and support the people's needs. (economic).
There could be some issues with other countries and with the people of China due to the rules they have set to control the population.(political)
Humanity takes over the world. Deforestation - we are cutting down trees to build more spaces to live on which causes habitats to be lost and a collapse in biodiversity.
China experienced species loss and many animals like the panda is getting closer to extinction. 52 species all over the globe are one category closer to extinction every year. When there's more us, there's less of everything else.

We are consuming more food and around 200 million people are thought to be overweight, 22.8% of the population, and 60 million (7.1%) obese in China.
Due to erosion in 1958 and 1961 in China, led to the starvation of over twenty million people, and in the following years, hundreds of millions more died due to hunger.
They have reacted to the one child policy with
since many families in china prefer boys to girls and big families due to
cultural traditions,
especially in
rural areas
. Many females have been forced to
receive abortion
due to having an
illegal child
and that has caused many issues.
... the government is handling the overpopulation issue with the one child policy since they think that is the best way to approach overpopulation in China. But this has caused many problems with other countries like the United States due to China’s sterilization policies.
... are trying to
improve lives of woman
and increase
gender equality
, as well as increase
universal access to sexual and reproductive health.
They are doing so because they want to help reach the millennium goals as well as promote gender equality. They're opposing the government since they want to get rid of human right violations like the forced abortions – which goes against what the government is doing.
Bad news: It started in 1978 but did not take effect until 1979. This limits one family to only have one child. Because a family is only allowed to have one child, due to
cultural influences
, many families prefer having a son, and
are constantly
being abandoned on the street
. The one child policy caused
gender inequality
in woman and
forced abortion
, kidnappings, beatings, confinement and very
among Chinese woman. And this has led to
human rights violation
. Now, there are more men in china than woman.

Good news: 1.9 per cent birth rate, now
reduced to 0.7 per cent
and it is predicted that in 2050, China's population will not increase, but remain the same at 1.3 billion
Advantages: It can
people (especially woman) of some contraception methods as well as
providing contraception
to though who need/want it. This can also
raise awareness
of this issue.

Disadvantages: might not be effective on a wide scale and people
might not listen
(since they want to stay true to their cultural beliefs) and telling people of the risk might
not make them change.
Advantages: more people will be
and the country will be
, so more people have access to
better health care
, and basic needs like water and food. Also, more jobs will be created and that will
reduce unemployment rate.

Disadvantages: it will i
ncrease the gap of poverty
among the people of China and the government will struggle to provide needs for everyone. It will also
increase pollution
and cause
global warming
due to factories and vehicles emitting CO2 gas. The
biodiversity threatened
and there will be
environment degradation
as well.
Government is trying to move the country from primary industry to secondary and tertiary.
In the time you've listen to me talk,
Since 38 babies are born per minute in China...
228 babies were born
Since 250 babies are born per minute in the world...
1500 babies were born
Problem started at 1949 for China.
1960 - China has a population of 667 million
1953 to 1964 - China’s population growth added 112,000,000 people while the death rates were falling and the birth rates were remaining high.
Only 3% is fresh water and a lot of that is trapped in the glaciers. 70 are trapped in glaciers – freshwater. Most of it is salt water. 13% of people in the world doesn't have access to clean water. There's more of us, but that doesn't mean there's more water...
This views are in
with the government’s because the
wants couples to have only one child but some families want more. People got their way and government enforced a
new rule
that couples may have a
second child
if their first is female.

There are also conflicts with the people of China because it violates human rights.
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