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College 100 Final Project

No description

Alexandra Erickson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of College 100 Final Project

College 100 Final Project Alexandra Erickson Design an educational plan to meet academic, career, and personal goals. Its important to stay on track in college. Too many students drop out because they take on too much course work and cannot end up doing it. A degree plan can help you figure out how many classes it's necessary for you to take in order to graduate. This enables you to figure out how many classes minimum you can take. After the first semester, its easier to know the work load you can handle. A degree plan also can help you enroll for the semester with less hassle. Classes will be in full swing when enrollment time comes, so having your classes already picked out can be very helpful. Any student can utilize their schools resources when developing a degree plan by talking to an advising counselor. That's what they're there for. Achieving your academic goals can help you achieve many of your personal goals as well. Explain the role of diversity in college settings. History 150 offered in the MMC catalog is a course taught about the history of Native American people in the United States from pre-Columbus to the present. This interests me because of the effects of Western civilization on the Native American population. I will probably take this class as one of my electives. It can explain much of the diversity in our society today. There is a lot of diversity on college campuses and its important to remember this. Some diversity activities are important in order for students to fully grasp the concept of diversity. There are stereotypes that have been embedded in American culture making it difficult for people to break away from. Meeting new people and keeping an open mind about how others lives are, or how they live is important to keeping an open mind. Challenging yourself to make more friends is a good way to practice diversity. It will enable you to expand your views because you'll see so many different view points. Identify factors and apply strategies that affect academic success on a college level. Putting in the work necessary for college success is tough. Many students work and are really good a procrastination. I procrastinate every day of my life. So its really ahrd for me to focus on my work. That's why its important to utilize your tools and resources. Identifying successful study tools can make all the difference in college. Taking tests like the Vark Learning Styles test, and tests about how vulnerable you are to stress can make all the difference on how successful you are in college. The Vark test can help show a student their weaknesses and strengths when it comes to studying and learning. This is important information because having the right studying techniques can result in the difference between a C and a A. Managing your time when studying is also important. Students must know which classes will demand the most of their study time and actually allocate the time needed for those classes. Being hard on yourself about your study techniques is also important. If you know your not getting anything done, create things to ensure that you do complete your work, like an alarm on your phone, or a post note on your mirror, or even giving your phone/computer to your parents.
Some resources:
http://www.thebody.com/content/art32281.html Demonstrate behaviors and conduct appropriate college and/or professional setting. Asking your professors questions about their profession, if your interested in their field can be very beneficial. Usually instructors are very eager to help you. Emailing them questions about how their degree affected their career choice can lead to vital information about what degree you pursue in college. I asked Mr. Swartwood several questions about his degree and how he enjoyed what he did. He chose to teach psychology with a Masters, and also does occupational therapy. He seemed happy with his life, and said he didn't regret the path he chose. The information he gave me helped choose my career path and confirmed the degree plan that I had made. I made sure I thanked him for his help, because that's the professional/courteous thing to do. I also, utilize proper college conduct by being a typical college student. I show up in comfortable clothes and eat snacks that aren't good for my body. But its important to remember the balance between professional conduct and typical college student conduct. Identify college resources necessary for student success. The library is your best friend in college. It has many resources for you to utilize. The librarians are very helpful and full of knowledge. Not only does the library have books they have movies too! They're free for you to rent and they have hundreds of titles for you to watch. The library website can also be helpful. They have many databases that can narrow down your search and help you look for the information you need for your research. When using a combination of resources your sure to get an A on your paper. Make sure you ask for help though, when working on your research the librarians can help you if you get stuck on an idea, or just don't know where to look next. I used this world book to look up something that I didn't know about for my sociology topic that I have to write about. I used an actual book to make my variety of sources wider. This is an important aspect in research, something that Peggy (a librarian) reminded me of! Identify students rights and responsibilities within the college environment. College can be a lot of fun, but its vital to remember that there rules. Every student at MCC signs a code of conduct contract. This means that if you break a rule, then you can be kicked out of MCC Blue River. So if you know all the rules then you can avoid getting kicked out of school. If you talk to an MMC Policy officer then you can identify which rules irritate them the most and which ones you can get away with. So for my artifact i thought it would be a good idea to have a chat with one of the policy officers and here's what he said. Respecting the fact that there is a difference between rights and privileges on campus can mean a lot when it comes to continuing your college education. Respecting other people is important here too.
Here's some rights:
You have the right to know about the crime that goes on, on the Blue River campus, and how safe you are statistically. You have the right to report any crime.
Here's some privileges:
Attending class
Parking int he student parking lot
Using a cell phone
Using th echool's computers. Letter to future students:
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