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4-Step Approach to Teaching Grammar

No description

Amy Mendeli

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of 4-Step Approach to Teaching Grammar

1. Introduction
Set context of activity (not grammar point)
Short, fun, engaging
Photo, video, prop...
Explicit explanation of grammar text
Show correct & incorrect examples on board, use underline/colors
Q&A with students to demonstrate basic understanding
3. Activity
Aligned to grammar topic
Both grammar rule and use in conversation
Scaffolding: (Some overlap with "Explain" part of lesson plan)
Controlled Practice: apply a grammar rule to words/phrases
Open Practice: apply a rule in whole sentences/dialog
Free Practice: natural conversation that utilizes the grammar
4. Assessment
Focus on grammar topic (clear language focus!)
In class observation/demonstration, work turned in, homework, quiz...
Success Indicators: What does "correct" look like?
Grammar: Correct choice of modal, correct pres. perf. verb form
Use: Correct use of whole phrase to express self, conversation makes sense
Unclear Language Focus =
Editing Exercise :(

Clear Language Focus
I was starving and I found a bread, so I ate it very fast and furious. I forgot to bite. I started feeling strange back of my head. I don’t if I should pick it or not because my brain might get hurt by doing it.
Trashes are washed up on the beach. We collect then and made this boat which is used for collecting trashes. We have been planning to move to another city when it will be clean by the boat.
2. Explanation
4-Step Approach to Teaching Grammar
Language focus:
Making an assumption or logical guess
Review Modals: Must/Could
Review Present Perfect Tense: helping verb (have), verb form (participle)
Explain how to use "must have been/couldn't have been" in conversation
Activity before explanation
4-part lesson plan may last multiple days
Homework can be integrated into any part of lesson plan
Student Work
Other classes
Language focus: "What is it? It's a dog."
Nouns: Cat, bird, fish...
Negative: It isn't a cat.
Adjectives: Color, size
Pronouns: My, your, his, her
1. Introduction: Show picture, hold brief class discussion.

2. Explanation: Explain grammar concept, do exercises/drills.

3. Activity: Students in pairs, write a dialog using grammar concept.

4. Assessment: In-class observation, worksheet turned in.
Free Practice
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