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on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Sv=sSs

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numb-linkin park
Lyric- I've become so numb ,I cant feel you there.
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons
Ishmael says ,I Had heard from adults that this was a revolutionary war,a liberation of the people from corrupt government.
Paradise- Coldplay
mocking bird-Eminem
When junior and I were away in school ,she had taken Ibrahim to see him few times ,and he cried when my father hugged ibrahim.

It was the first time i saw a grown man cry like a child. and i felt a string in my heart.
lose yourself- Eminem
Some Fainted or vomited ,i felt nauseated and my head was spinning ,i felt the ground moving .an peoples voices seemed to be far removed from where i stood trembling.
soundtrack project
Gumersindo lopez p.6th

Ishmael Reflects on how the war stated in his small village were violence an mayhem occurred .
Lyric-welcome to the jungle,were fun an games.
the main point in this song is to show how the war impacted many people at the time of war.
welcome to the jungle-Gun's n roses
Hallie i know you miss your mom, but i know your dad.but I'm trying to give you the life i never had.
this Particular song symbolizes hope for young Ishmaels younger brothers.
I wanted to move away from what i was seeing, my feet went numb my entire body frozen
this song show how much ishmael is not happy for himself. instead of joy, he felt sorrow and pain to his modern days in war time.
Lyric- this is it the Apocalypse
this song relates to ishmaels perspective on the war that occurring in his village, also the corrupt government does not stop the hatred violence
this song is relevant to Ishmael encounters from the violence war, as to finding peace an tranquility to looking toward in his life.
Lyrics-hes nervous, but he feels calm and ready, to drop bombs already
this song symbolism how Ishmael felt during an unusual mood. in which he felt very nauseated to even move or trying to escape the war zone.
Ishmael can relate to this because in the book it shows hard emotions that Ishmael felt during the war era, and the death of his parents.
Lyrics- i know its hard to remember ,the people we used to be, its even harder to picture that you're not next to me
telephone-Maroon 5
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