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Real Madrid C.F.

No description

Mohab El Tawila

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid business model
VRIO analysis
The Brand (current situation)
The New Experience
Business Model
Merchandise and Licensing
TV Rights

Merchandise and Licensing
Real Madrid C.F.
VRIO Analysis
Current Situation
Saturated Market
Diluted Brand
Fan Experience
Away game screening
Food App
"Un dia Real"
Player-fan engagement
Competition from rival clubs
No first-mover advantage in some vital countries
Support for football clubs stronger than religion
New Stadium
New generation of Seat
Valdebebas Sponsor Tournament
The Sponsor Experience
New Stadium
Valdebebas Sponsor Tournament
Away Game Screening

Eva Muñoz
Kartik Menda
Mohab Eltawila
Hlubi Shabalala
Federico Tudisco

Strategy based on :
-Strategic alliances with global partners
-Expansion of the brand in emerging markets
-Exploitation of digital marketing
-Carnet Madridista
-Players’ image rights in the advertisement market

Total capacity of 81,044
Season tickets – 58,852
Traditional – 19,298
Euroabono – 39,554
VIP Boxes – 4,850
Others, including Madridista members – 17,342

TV Rights
Lack of New Platforms
"Billionaire Clubs"
The New Experience
"New Generation of Seats"
"Food App"
"Un Dia Real"
A whole-day experience!
Fan Zone
a five-year plan

Fan Player Engagement
-Opportunity to meet the protagonists of Real Madrid.
Dedicated to the youngster fans.
Closer relationship between club and supporters.
Possible expansion: Real Madrid legends.

One-Hit Wonders
Signed Memorabilia
Asset Auction

Over-use of the brand
Lack of control over Licensees

Deliver to your seat
Pick-up at halftime
Audi Hospitality Boxes example
Three types of TV rights
35% of the total revenue
A New Law!
15%- 20% of the total revenue
Customer Segmentation
Lack of new platforms
Saturated market
Diluted brand
"Billionaire clubs"
Thank You!
Real Madrid has an established brand and has exploited all assets possible. Future problem??
Sports Family Day!
Mostly men, sports fanatics, loyal & social interactive
Women supporters are increasing
Latin America, France, Spain
USA and Germany
Japan and England

520M€ in revenue
$3.3B Forbes Valuation
2nd biggest global fanbase
~100M fans on social media
7M+ Madridistas worldwide
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