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No description

rafal roshdi

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of INFORMATION SESSION

Outgoing Global Internship Program INFORMATION SESSION
AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not for profit organization run by students & recent graduates of institutions of higher education
Outgoing Global Internship Program
Welcome To
AIESEC Cairo University

Our vision
our international platform enables young people to discover and develop their potential to provide leadership for a positive impact on society
AIESEC in numbers !
Our Values
Our impact
Our Partners
.Business Aces
.Education Compass
.IT Pros

Values you are getting out of this experience
.Core values:
1-certified certificate from the
2-Professional experience
3-Work experience
4-Career path
.Extra values:
1-International network
2-Cultural connection
3-Personal experience
4-Friendship of a lifetime

Abbreviations you need to know !
TN : training nominee , it's a form including all the job description and the salary and the accommodation details , it differs from a job opportunity(TN) to another.

EP: exchange participant;this is you.
EP buddy: you will be assigned with a member to help you in finding the TN you want

-AIESEC fees (1500 LE)
-Visa fees
-Flight ticket
-Fresh graduate(not more than 2
-Maximum age:30
-Language (English required)
-Work experience (certificates)

And here is some photos of people who went on their internship with AIESEC
-Minimum: 3 months
-Maximum: 2 years
Accommodation & salary
-All information about them is written in the TN
An example of a TN
Your role abroad

-You will be working in an internship in the corporate sector at a company specialized in your field.
OGIP EP Process
2- app filtration
3-phone interview
4-technical test & face-to-face interview
5-info sessionn
6-raising session( contract+fees)
7-sign up on the system
-Matching is all about finding you the appropriate job or TN for you
the EP buddy will be helping you in searching and finding it.

-The matching period differs from a country to another and also depends upon your qualifications.( in India : 2 weeks) ( 2 Skype interviews)

-And here is a video of an EP applying for a certain TN
so, are you ready to live the experience and shine ?!
Contract Rules
Bank Statement

1-AIESEC fees (1500 LE)
2-you must stay the whole duration that you signed up for (unless a mistake happened by the hosting LC there or an emergency situation)
-If you decided to leave with no reason from the above, it will be illegal as you have broken the contract rules
Business Aces
Consumer + Buyer Behavior
Product Planning and Development
Organization Management + Planning
Import / Export
International Marketing
Market Research & Evaluation
Introductory Marketing
Advertising + Public Relations
Sales Marketing
Education Compass
English teaching
French teaching
IT Pros
Software Development and Programming
Web Development and Management
Database Management
Systems Analysis and Design
Networks Management
Mobile Applications
Your account has to cover the first month's costs as there is no salary till the first month passes
Any Questions ?
Thank You For Listening!
1948 – AIESEC’s Foundation

250 members
7 countries
89 International Internships
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