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Julius Caesar

No description

Guillermo Cazares

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Julius Caesar


July 12, 100 BC

Rome, Italy

Quintilis becomes July

Aurelia Cotta and Gaius Julius Caesar

Uncle General Gaius Marius

Sisters where Julia Caesaris Major and Julia Caesaris Minor.
Canceled 1st engagement.
Cornelia (m. 84 BC - 69 BC)
Pompeia (m. 68 BC - 63 BC)
Calpurna (m. 59 BC - 44 BC)

Marriage with Cornelia.

Caesar escapes by joining the military.

Sulla could no longer touch Caesar.
Rivalry with Sulla
High Priest of Jupiter

Left the temple due to Sulla the Dictator and his men

Joined the military to escape Sulla's jurisdiction and served General Marcus Minucius Thermus.

Joined as an officer at the age of 20.

Awarded the Civic Crown.
Studied politics in Greece .

Kidnapped by pirates.

Served as Proconsul in Spain.

Remained in Politics for 9 years in Spain.
Highest elected government position with the power to wage war

Represented Rome in external affairs

Caesar had a conquering campaign
The First Triumvirate
Lower Class
Middle Class
95% of Population Loved Caesar
After killing Pompey he had no more rivals.
Became Dictator.
Rome entered and era of reform.
He was called "The Father of Rome"
Crassus dies in battle
Pompey turns against Caesar
War begins in Spain and ends in Egypt
Caesar allies with Cleopatra
Pompey vs Caesar
Rise to Power
Commander in Chief of the Army
Wealthiest Man of Rome
Proconsul at the time
Strongest Political and Military Alliance in all of Rome
High Class worried of his popularity
Childhood and Early Life

Killed by a conspiracy between the Senate and his Son.
Adopted son was actually blood son, Brutus.
"And you too, my child?"
Gaius Julius Caesar

Celebrated by most Romans
after his death.
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