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The Candy Smash Book Report

No description

Christian Erbetta

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of The Candy Smash Book Report

Smash Character The main character of this story is Jessie Treski, to me Jessie stands out because of her knowledge and ambition. She surpassed the third grade and headed straight into her brother, Evan Treski's, fourth grade class. Along with that achievement, she also starts her own class newspaper called the "4-0 Forum". As Valentine's Day nears, she very much hopes to give everyone in her class a "Love" survey to display on the front page of her newest newspaper edition. Setting The time of "The Candy Smash" occurs during present time and in the month of February, specifically Valentine's Day. Also, one of the many locations of this story is the Riverside Elementary School, Room 4-0 with Jessie's fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Overton. The second and last setting of this story is the Treski Household, where the Treski's live on a very organized suburban street with rows of neat, and arranged homes. These two settings greatly impact the behavior and personalities of the main characters. Plot The first main plot event in "The Candy Smash" is towards the beginning of the story when as Jessie walks into the girl's bathroom, she sees something that is very suspicious... there was writing on the wall and as she walked up to it she read ... M.M.+E.T. She was shocked because after making the quick connection, she recognized those two initials; they were Megan Moriarity (M.M.) (who was not only my friend, but the girl who was thought to like Evan) and her brother, Evan Treski. This had been a very strange moment, however, she had no idea what suprise would spring up next, as when her class had returned from recess that day, they had found little heart candies, costumized for everyone, that had a specific trait about them. Jessie had now known that she had her front page story. By sheer instinct, she had gone in depth with a full investigation of all suspects of the candy mystery and the bathroom writing. She had narrowed down her suspects to one last student, but what was still uncertain, was if that individual, in the end, would confess to all? Conflict The conflict of this story is a continual thought throughout the sequence in this story. Jessie must get to the bottom of the writing on the girl's bathroom wall and who wrote the heart with the letters M.M. (Megan Moriarty) and E.T. (Even Treski) on the inside. Jessie as well, for the sake of her exclusive story for her newspaper, must find out who the mysterious candy giver is. Investigating would be her primary objective now in order to complete her special Valentine's Day newspaper edition. Resolution Because of the upcoming deadline of her nearing Valentine's Day edition of the 4-0 Forum, Jessie had to quickly solve the two running mysteries in 4-0; the complimentary candy and the unlinked writing in the girl's bathroom. To Jessie's quick thinking, one prime candidate stuck out in her mind; Megan Moriarity, because as Jessie put the pieces together, she knew that from the previous summer, Megan had drew the same kind of heart on their lemonade stand as in the bathroom stall, and for the candy hearts Jess had recalled Megan say that her uncle owned a candy factory that makes the same valentines day candies left on the kids' desks.
Jessie had her front page survey, she had her two exclusive stories, and she was set. As her brother observed the newspaper before it was published, he had told her, "If you hand this out to everyone, they would know that Megan had done it, and she's your friend. You wouldn't want to get her in trouble, would you?" With that, and contemplating the outcome of hurting anyone for the sake of a story, Jessie made the conscious decision to reprint the entire newspaper, which was to publish the next day. Even through all of the investigative hard work, the controversy of her classmates and her excitement of publishing her special Valentine's Day newspaper edition, Jessie chose to change the entire story out of respect for her brother and for her new best friend. Keeping the "Candy Smash" mystery, just that! Theme There were many lessons to be learned throughout the span of this story. To me, the most important lesson or theme to the story is that you should always ask a person if it is okay to write that person's name in a publicly seen newspaper, billboard, etc. Jessie, because of her younger age, had to learn this the hard way. She writes the full story of how Megan had been the one to write on the bathroom stall, and also how she was the mystery student putting candies on the other kids' desks. Even though Jessie was telling the truth, she hadn't informed Megan that it would be displayed for all of class 4-0 to see, and Jessie was very fortunate that Evan had stopped her. If not, Jessie would have gotten in a lot of trouble with not only Mrs. Overton, but with Megan as well; possibly destroying their friendship. As a result of the valuable lessons she learned throughout this story, and moving forward with her now having this knowledge, Jessie will be a better reporter for it, and definitely not make the same mistake twice!
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