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Green Home Decor

No description

Ashley Sheaffer

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Green Home Decor

Green Home Decor Casey Brewer & Ashley Sheaffer Wall Hangings Reclaimed wood
Recycled Metal
Natural Slate Flooring Cork advantages:
water resistant
sound dampener
easy care
insect resistant
lots of options
easy installation

permanent dents
no standing water
easily goes out of style Bamboo advantages:
large variety
appealing to the eye
strong and durable
water resistant
easy to clean

susceptible to scratches
no standing water
more expensive More Flooring recycled
glass tile advantages:
big color choice
reflect light

scratches reclaimed wood advantages:
save money
easy to install
looks rustic

stains, dents, scratches, marks
decays fast
more maintenance other options linoleum
recycled metal tile
recycled clay and cement
stone tiles and mosaics
sustainable wood Walls Wallpaper advantages:
low VOC
Ecore (less energy to manufacture)
made of plants
cork, bamboo, grass cloth
anti-mold/anti-fungal disadvantages:
can go out of date fast
more expensive
some allergic reactions Paint advantages:
low VOC
low odor

less intense color VOC volatile organic compounds
emitted as gases
can be harmful to health
a variety of chemicals Furniture Top green furniture tips Certified Sustainable wood
Furniture made with reclaimed materials
Recycled/Recyclable metal and plastic
Recyclable and disassemblable
Look for furniture that's durable and fixable
Low-toxicity furniture
Buy vintage
Buy local
What to do with it when you're over it Eco-Friendly Rugs Look for natural fibers
Look for non-toxic backing and underlay pads
Ask about the chemical treatments
Look at the certifications
Check out "TakeBack" programs for synthetic rugs Ecologically Friendly Lamps Energy Star decorative lighting
LED light fixtures
Energy Star light bulbs
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