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My favorite movie

No description

Cassidy Wait

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of My favorite movie

Video games in Game Central Station
-Fix-it Felix Jr.
-Sugar Rush
-Hero's Duty
Wreck it Ralph
Wreck it Ralph is about a Villian in the game
Fix-it Felix Junior. Ralph doesn't want to be the Villian anymore. So he sets out on a journey to be the hero and win a gold medal. Ralph is game-jumping, also know as going turbo. He meets a "glitch" named Vanellope Von Schweetz in the game Sugar Rush and ends up helping her train for the next Sugar Rush Race. Vanellope is not wanted in the game and the rest of the racers and King Candy, try to make sure she can't race or she loses. They are always bullying her and Ralph wont watch it happen.
My favorite movie
Ralph is voiced by John C. Reilly
Fix it Felix Jr.- Felix very important because he is the hero in Fix it Felix . The villian in this game is Wreck it Ralph.
Ralph- Ralph is the main character, he plays an angry villian that wants to be the hero in the video game Fix it Felix.
Fix it Felix Jr.is voiced by Jack Mcbrayer
King Candy- King candy is the ruler of race in the game that Ralph accidentally enters, Sugar Rush. King Candy has a secret though, his mysterious attitude will eventually give it away.
King candy is voiced by Alan Tudyk.
Vanellope is voiced by Sarah Silverman.
Vanellope von Schweetz - Vanellope is Known as “The Glitch,” Vanellope is a pixelating programming mistake in the candy-coated cart-racing game Sugar Rush.
Sergeant Tamara Jean Calhoun- Sergeant Calhoun is the lead commander in the brand new video game Hero's Duty.
Voiced by Jane lynch
Racers in Sugar Rush
Jubileena Bing-bing
Rancis Fluggerbuter
Taffyta Muttonfudge
Snowanna Rainbeau
Crumbelina DiCaramello
Gloyd Orangeboar
Swizzle Malarkey
Minty Zaki
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Appearance: Green hair pulled back into pigtails, wears a beanie with a cupcake and candle ontop of her head, lots of pink.
Voiced by Katie Lowes
Candlehead is one of the most cheerful racers, but she will do whatever Taffyta tells her to do. Candlehead bullies Vanellope von Schweetz.
Voiced by Josie
Appearance: Red
clothing, red-cherry
themed hat, red tint to
her skin, red hair in
pigtails, losts of cherry
Jubileena doesnt care about winning the race, Jubileena also follows Taffytta and bullies Vanellope.
Voiced by Jamie Elman
Appearance: small, blonde haired, blue eyes, brown clothing, peanut butter cup on head
Rancis is very dedicated in his endeavors, whether it be bullying Vanellope or racing. Rancis is caught looking at himself in a mirror often.
Appearance: blonde hair, strawberry themed hat, candy cane leggings, hot pink jacket, blue eyes
Voiced by Mindy Kaling
Taffyta is usually the second
place in the the game
Sugar Rush, but only loses to
King Candy. Taffyta is a narcissist,
fierce, and very competitive. Taffyta
is the leader of the
racers, she is arrogant, and,
she teasing everyone but specifically
Vanellope Von Schweetz.
Appearance: Purple, yellow, and orange afro. purple jacket, pants and shoes. Pink tutu, orange and white shirt. Dark skin.
Snowanna is loud and colorful!
She is a young spirit, with a
jump in her step!
Actor: N/A
brown hair,
brown shoes,
brown leggings,
gold dress, fair
skin, cream
colored hat
with brown stripe
and brown heart
Crumbelina is based on various italian deserts, she considers herself a down and dirty racer, and is definently the most posh racer.
Voiced by Cymbre Walk
Appearance: Fair-skinned, brown hair, brown pants, brown shoes with orange and yellow stripe, orange jacket, white shirt, pumpkin hat
Gloyd is a hooligan, he loves
candy more than anything!
Everyday is halloween.
Appearance: Light and dark blue striped pants, green shoes, green hair, tanned skin, blue and green striped hat
Swizzle thinks that life must be lived to the last breath, there is no stunt he cant defy and no individual he cant beat, his racing is fast and elegant.
Nickname: The Swizz
Appearance: Short green hair,
green tights, green bow on
head, yellow and green leg
warmers, black shoes, green
tutu, fair skin, green jacket
The queen of ice cream,
Minty is a defender of good
causes but for the wrong reasons. Minty has to re-colors named Torvald Batterbutte
and Sticky Wipplesnit
Appearance: White hat, blue hair, white leg warmers, blue shoes with red stripe, blue jacket with white rims, blue polka dot tutu, blue shirt with white stairs, pale skin
Adorabeezle is the prettiest, and happiest racer! \she loves to ski and race. She enjoys to explore new tracks in the sugar covered slopes of sugar rush.
By Cassidy Wait
King candy is really Turbo in disguise. He is a glitch! Turbo dies!
Ralph and Vanellope save the day and kill the cybug just in time by winning the race, unfortunately Sugar Rush couldn't be saved and it was unplugged, but the characters escaped.
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