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The story of Prophet Yousef (AS)

Allah says the following about the story of Prophet Yusuf (A) in the Holy Qur'an: We narrate unto you (O Muhammad) the most excellent of the stories (by which) We have revealed unto you this Qur'an; though before this you were of the unaware ones (of its

Fatemah Ebrahim

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of The story of Prophet Yousef (AS)

The story of Sayidna Yousef Sourat Yousef Sayidna Yousef's childhood: -Prophet Yousef was one of 11 brothers who were sons of Prophet Yaqub
-Prophet Yaqub favored Yousef (AS) over all of his brothers
-Sayidna Yousef was the most kind, generous and obedient of all his brothers-Yousef (AS)’s brothers were extremely jealous of him, they used to exclude him out of everything in their childhood The young Sayidna Yousef went to narrate a dream he had to his father: Yousef's dream (AS) : Sayidna Yousef's brothers gathered and discussed, with pure jealousy, Yousef and his relationship with their father: The brothers plot against Saydina Yousef Yousef's brothers headed to their father to ask him for his permission to take Yousef with them to play.
Prophet Yaqub was very hesitant to leave Yousef alone with his brothers, and he said: The outing Prophet Yaqub immediately warned his son not to tell his dream or ru'aya to his brothers, because they would be spiteful of him
Prophet Yaqub knew what this dream meant; that Yousef would be appointed as Prophet They believed that their father's love for Yousef was a mistake. Their idea was that if they separated Yousef from his father that their father would love them more. The brothers told Prophet Yaqub, "We are ten strong boys, so how can we (in our big number) allow harm to befall Yousef?"
All 11 brothers, Yousef included, left to play in the desert.
The brothers tricked Yousef into going into the well, and they abandoned him there. The 10 brothers back home: By dinner time, the brothers returned home in tears
They held a bloody shirt and told their father that the wolf had eaten Yousef (AS)
Prophet Yaqub had his doubts about what his sons were telling him: Yousef (AS) in the well: While Yousef was in the well, a large caravan with many people was passing by and was headed to Egypt
The travelers were thirsty and stopped by the well
Sayidna Yousef hung to the barrel and was pulled up, the traveler assumed that the barrel was filled with water but was surprised to find a young boy
The law of that day stated that if a child was found missing he would be sold into slavery
Sayidna Yousef rode the caravan and was sold as a slave to a man named Al-Aziz Yousef (AS) & Al-Azis's Wife: Al-Aziz was an important figure in Egypt at the time. Al-Aziz and his wife decided that they would take care of Yousef since he was so young, and benefit from him as a slave when he got older. Sayidna Yousef is the most beautiful person to ever live, it is reported that he had 50% of humanity's beauty. As Sayidna Yousef (AS) grew up he was growing more and more handsome, and Al-Aziz's wife was put in an awkward position: she begun to fall in love with Sayidna Yousef (AS). At first Al-Aziz's wife would follow Yousef (AS) around the house, and he would keep away from her. But she couldn't keep him out of her mind.
One day when Al-Aziz was not home, his wife approached Yousef alone. Yousef tried to get rid of her, but she pulled him from the back of his shirt and tore it.
At that same moment, Al-Aziz entered the house to see the scene and was beyond angry. The wife was completely embarrassed and then accused Sayidna Yousef (AS) of harassing her. A maid who was watching clarified that she had seen Al-Aziz's wife harass Sayidna Yousef. Sayidna Yousef (AS) was innocent, without a doubt and Al-Aziz acknowledged that, until... Talk goes around: Although Sayidna Yousef (AS) kept his word with Al-Aziz and did not speak of the incident, other slaves that worked for Al-Aziz did.
The whole town began to talk about Al-Aziz's wife and her attraction to her slave boy.
The wife was completely humiliated but she wanted to show the women that she was not to blame and that Sayidna Yousef (AS) was simply too beautiful.
The women were invited over and asked to cut fruits with a knife, Al-Aziz's wife order Prophet Yousef (AS) to enter the room. The women were so shocked by his beauty that they chopped through their skin: Prophet Yousef (AS) is imprisoned Translation: "When they saw him, they exalted him. And (in their amazement) cut their hands exclaiming: Remote is Allah from imperfection. This is not a mortal but it is a noble angel." The socialite women of Egypt would gather on a regular basis just to see Al-Aziz's slave boy; Yousef (AS)
Sayidna Yousef (AS) was deeply depressed by this objectification and constantly prayed that Allah saves him from these evil women Finally Allah (SWT) answered Sayidna Yousef's dua and he was sentenced to prison, not because he committed a crime - but to avoid disturbances in society Yousef (AS) in prison: Yousef (AS) in the prison for several years and developed friendly relations with many prisoners. In prison preached the religion of Allah and tried to reform the prisoners who were greatly impressed by his personality.
One day two prisoners saw strange dreams. They came to the Prophet Yusuf (AS) for asking the Interpretations of those dreams.
One of them said: I saw in a dream that I was pressing wine.
The other prisoner said: In my dream I was carrying a basket of bread on my head and the birds were eating from it.
The Prophet Yusuf (AS) said: The one who was pressing wine, will be set at liberty and he will serve wine to his master. The other will be executed for his crime, The King and his dream: One day, the king of Egypt dreamt that seven fat cows were eaten by seven thin cows. The king wished to know the interpretation of that strange dream.
The ex-prisoner informed the king about the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) who was well versed in the art of interpreting dreams,
The king became quite curious and sent the man to see the Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) in the prison.
The Prophet Yusuf (AS) said: Egypt will see seven good years, of rich harvest. It is better to store as much of the food stuff as possible because there will be a famine lasting for seven years after that. During this period of hardships the preserved stores of grain shall be consumed except a little quantity. Afterwards there will be a year in which the people shall have heavy rains and bumper crops.
The king was very impressed with Yousef (AS) and decided that he would release him from prison, but Prophet Yousef (AS) refused, until his innocence was announced loud and clear. Translation: "They (women) said: Allah Blameless! We knew of no evil on his part. Thereupon the Chief's wife said: Now the truth has become established. I asked of him an evil act and he is surely of the truthful." Back in Egypt: Not only did the king set the innocent Prophet Yousef (AS) free, but he also appointed him a high position in the government. The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) worked efficiently and managed the country's affairs. He won a good name as an officer and became powerful in the land. The Prophet Ya'qub (AS) was awfully unhappy. He missed the Prophet Yusuf (AS) very much. He was assured by Almighty Allah that he would see his son again. The brothers of the Prophet Yusuf (AS) grew in age and kept remembering the mischievous trick which they had played upon him. It was highly shameful act. Now Palestine was also in the grip of dreadful famine. There was an acute dearth of food. The family of the Prophet Ya'qub (AS) was passing through the most straitened circumstances. They heard that Egyptians had huge stock of food stuff. They sold it at reasonable rates. The sons of the Prophet Ya'qub (AS) prepared a caravan and went to Egypt to purchase grain. The ten brothers in Egypt The 10 brothers return to Palestine: When they reached Egypt the Prophet Yusuf (AS) recognized his brothers immediately and his heart was beating violently. He did not remind them of the cruelty inflicted upon him. He did not disclose his identity. He showed kindness to them and furnished them with provision at a very fair price. They felt highly obliged because of his noble behavior. Before their departure the Prophet Yusuf (AS) said: "If you come back, bring with you the younger brother of yours from your father's side. If my request is not complied with, I shall sell you no more grain." The brothers came back home after a tiresome journey. They told their father that the manager of the food stores in Egypt had expressed a keen desire to see their younger brother. On hearing this the Prophet Ya'qoub's face became tense and worried. He hesitated to allow Yusuf's brother to accompany them because of his previous bitter experience, he could not trust them.
In the long run the brothers convinced him after giving him a firm covenant in Allah's name that they would bring back the brother of Yusuf.
When they opened the sacks of grain and were much surprised to find their money in it. After many weeks their second caravan reached Egypt and went directly to the main store-house. The Prophet Yusuf (AS) greeted them with open arms. Every one was much pleased. There was a lot of hustle and bustle. The Prophet Yusuf (AS) took his younger brother aside and told him that he was Yusuf who was thrown into the well. His brother was much surprised and his joy knew no bounds. Back in Egypt: Translation: "And when they came into Yusuf's presence, he took his own brother aside with him saying: LO I am your brother. Therefore grieve not at what they do." The Prophet Yousef's plan (AS): In order to keep his younger brother with him, the Prophet Yousef (AS) and his brother arranged a plan.
A silver cup would be placed into the ten brothers caravan and when the youngest brother would be caught for his crime he would have to stay in Egypt as punishment. The Prophet Yousef (AS) made sure that his brothers would not get suspicious. The plan worked perfectly. He asked them not to back out of their promise.
He sent back his other brothers to inform the care-worn father of the whole situation. They went back and conveyed the most shocking news to their father. He displayed unshakeable patience and said: Translation: "So patience is most fitting for me. May Allah restore them all to me. Surely, He is the Knowing, the Wise." The Prophet Yaqoub directed his sons to go and seek tidings of the Prophet Yusuf (AS) and his younger brother for whom he used to yearn day and night. They went to Egypt again after a few weeks. This time they had scanty money. They requested the Prophet Yusuf (AS) to help them in charity. The Prophet Yusuf (AS) was well known for his generosity. He had a tender and sympathetic heart. He took pity on them and he helped them. Soon after he disclosed his identity to his brothers. Now every one wished to go immediately to their father to inform him of the happy news that the Prophet Yusuf (AS) was alive. At the time of departure the Prophet Yusuf (AS) gave them his shirt and said: "Cast it on my father's face and he will recover his sight and come to me with all your family." The brothers came home with happy spirit. They put the shirt of the Prophet Yusuf (AS) on the face of the Prophet Ya'qub (AS). He regained his eye sight immediately. He took a sigh of relief when he smelt the Prophet Yusuf's scent (AS) from his shirt. The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (AS) begged pardon of their father and he forgave them with an open heart. Prophet Yousef reunites with his brothers Prophet Yousef (AS) & Prophet Yaqoub (AS) reunite The whole family decided to settle in Egypt. They took their bag and baggage and set out on a long journey. They were given a warm reception when they reached Egypt. The father, Ya'qub, met his son Yusuf after a long separation. He said: "O' my father! This is the interpretation of my old vision. My Lord has indeed made it to be true and He has shown me kindness. When He brought me forth from prison and brought you all from the desert even after Satan has sown (seeds of) dissension between me and my brothers. Surely my Lord is tender to whom He wills. Surely He is the Knowing, the Wise."
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