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"Ah Boy" Short Film

This is my first Prezi for practice.

Kek Wan Sim

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of "Ah Boy" Short Film

Ah Boy Enjoy it Synopsis "Ah Boy" Short Film A story about mother and son who lives in a poor village . The poor kid need to work every morning to get paid to support his mother who is sick. His work is to deliver newspaper early in the morning before he goes to school. He always late to school and get punished by the teacher and also getting laugh and tease by the students. He’s a great runner as he always loves to run and run and run. One day, he heard there is a running competition and the prizes is about RM500. The little kid was very excited with the prizes, and he hopes to join and win that competition to support his mother. The difficulties he have to go through is getting a new shoe and defeating his enemies which is that three bad kids who always tried to bully him. He will find his way through to fight through all the difficulties with his mother before the competition comes.
This is where he began his journey. Objective To create an awareness to the audience to let them know that they should respect their parents and to love their family. Besides that, we want to hit our audience heart, by telling them all the parents are always love them and we should not hurt our parents no matter how. Research "CJ7", directed by Stephen Chow. A Hong Kong
film of year 2008.
Inspired by the concept of the film. Wardrobe and color correction of the film. Concept Back to the 90's, a poor kind of feeling with old building structure, everything in the past. A poor family story begin. Research "Ice Kacang Puppy Love", directed by Malaysian filmmaker Ah Niu. A Malaysia film of year 2010.

Inspired by the style of the film. The
film set in the 1980s.
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