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ANGA Campaign Brief

Natural Gas: A Cleaner Alternative, Fueling Jobs

Gabrielle Walter

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of ANGA Campaign Brief

Research Findings UC Community Target Audience The majority of the target market are only somewhat familiar with natural gas.
The majority feel they need more information before forming an opinion on natural gas. Position Natural Gas: A Cleaner Alternative, Fueling Jobs Message Tactics University of Cincinnati - Cinfluence PR Firm ANGA Campaign Brief Goals
To gain a better understanding of ANGA and natural gas
To gauge the awareness and knowledge of our target market
To learn how to effectively reach our target market Methods Qualitative
Online research concerning natural gas and ANGA
Current news; methods; ethics; controversy; pros and cons
Goal of 400, Surpassed with 714
Sampled campus-wide
College students; faculty The majority of students felt they needed more information to make an informed decision about natural gas
Our focus is to educate the UC community about the uses and advantages of natural gas
An Increase in jobs was very important to our target market
This will be a key benefit of natural gas we will highlight
The most effective advertising methods
#1 Emails/newsletters
#2 Social media (Facebook and Twitter)
#3 Flyers Surveys Majority between the ages of 18-25
On-the-go and prefer concise information Honesty - A Cleaner Alternative
We will not state or imply natural gas is the complete answer to our energy problems Jobs - Fueling Jobs
Ohio is a production state and the greatest benefit to our target market Facts
This will ensure trust and lead to more diplomatic conversations with our opposition Attributes & Benefits
Our position is to focus on specific characteristics and benefits of natural gas Justification
Research from our target market
Will educate and inform the community on the positive impacts of natural gas Advertising Team Objectives Inform UC community about
campaign events Public Relations Objectives Create Media Contact Lists
Design Media Kit
Write Press Releases Reach out to media for coverage and promotion Continually increase attendance and engagement
Use products meaningfully and effectively
Educate through events created with our targets' demographics and psychographics in mind Event Goals When & Where: Nov. 6th & Nov. 7th; 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.; Tangeman University Center (TUC) Atrium

What: A booth with campaign members handing out lanyards printed with Nati Atom twitter handle and flyers with the schedule of events and natural gas facts.

Why: This is our introduction of the campaign to the campus. The student union will have the most foot traffic as well as people lingering with time on their hands. While this area is popular for advertising, free swag will lure students in. Members will actively engage students to generate more interest and encourage them to provide their contact information.

Success & Strategy: As the start of our implementation, success will be measured by the increased number of Nati Atom followers, attendance at future events and obtained contact information. Strategically our plan is to create continuous information flow to our target market through Nati Atom and resources such as the flyers for further involvement. Event #1 TUC Guerrilla Campaign When & Where: Nov. 17th; Before the football game; McMicken Commons

What: A grill out with games and swag giveaways with Nati Atom Twitter Handle (lanyards, t-shirts, pens). Giveaways will be based on knowledge via trivia questions during various games. We wish to contact AT&T recruiters to educate about natural gas and focus on jobs within the natural gas industry as well as either a public service organization, such as a local fire department, or Honda.

Why: An event during tailgating will reach the most people possible on our campus. This includes UC students, faculty as well as the surrounding community. Games and swag will encourage people to linger and continue to relate and learn about natural gas. Including AT&T, a public service organization, such as a local fire department, or Honda will create more attention to our event.

Success & Strategy: As our final event, response cards and surveys will be used to measure success. We are looking into obtaining a natural gas grill. Between the grill, the informative job recruiters, which ties back to our slogan, and possible vehicles, this event will make natural gas as relatable and accessible to our target market. Our primary focus for the event is education and awareness of natural gas with benefits such as the jobs and practical uses of natural gas the secondary focus Event #3 Natural Gas Grill Out Media coverage
Connect and involve UC community
Connect and involve experts on energy resources to our campaign Create contact list
Schedule when to contact experts
Provide information kits for experts speaking at the debate
Write thank you notes to each speaker/debater
Professional communication will be used to ensure a positive opinion of natural gas/ANGA Connect and involve experts
in energy resources to our campaign 1 - Introduce media to program
2 - Include pre-campaign research and build anticipation for events
3 - Summarize post-campaign Event #2 Natural Gas Debate When & Where: Nov. 13th; Late afternoon TBD; Lecture Hall TBD

What: Host a debate between experts on both sides of the natural gas industry.

Why: A debate intrigues our target market more than a lecture.

Success & Strategy: Attendance as well as increased social media followers and comments will measure the success of this event. This debate intends to explore all sides of the industry while ensuring no aspect will be put down. This will be an exchange of ideas to help bring about a positive image of natural gas. Having a debate where facts are the focus and diplomatic discussion of opposition is encouraged stays true to our campaign message and position of honesty and facts. Event flyers will also have natural gas facts
Facts will be posted through Twitter and Facebook
Surveys will gauge success of education and awareness Provide UC community with facts
about natural gas Inform UC community about campaign events
Provide UC community with facts about natural gas Summary October:
23rd - Submit Campaign Brief
25th - Campaign Brief
6th & 7th - Event 1 Guerrilla Campaign
13th - Event 2 Debate
17th - Event 3 Natural Gas Grill Out
17th-20th - Final Surveys
21st - Mail Print Presentation
27th - Print Presentation Received Timeline Objectives Finance Open communication with department to ensure financial efficiency
Utilize university resources to save money Research: $200 for surveys
Public Relations: $200 for press releases and general media
Advertising: $800 for banners, flyers, posters and giveaways (t-shirts, lanyards, cups, pens)
Campaign Strategy & Implementation: $1,500 for reserving event spaces, food and beverages, grills, resources for games (display boards, flyers, prizes)
Reports & Presentations: $100 for final report printing Department Estimated Budget Allocation Adding Value to the Campaign Through utilizing campus resources , faculty, and events, our team will be able to reach a large student population at a reduced cost. Flyer with event schedule to be passed out at events 1 & 2
Emails to list servs campus wide
Social media posts on Facebook and Twitter Campaign mascot - Nati Atom Integrated Social Media Plan Nati Atom will be the voice of the campaign
Twitter handle @natiatom on all advertising and PR materials
Will promote events, provide facts and any other related information
Heavily integrated into all aspects of our campaign and will provide more use and education of any campaign materials
Provides branding consistency Develop and implement a community-based marketing campaign to educate and inform the local community on the positive impact of new technologies and practices in shale gas development and the benefits of natural gas Objective 1 Obtain both traditional and non-traditional media coverage and produce digital and other creative content for shale gas development and benefits Objective 2 Raise local public awareness that ANGA and the natural gas industry are dedicated to the safe and responsible development of this clean, abundant and affordable energy source for power generation and transportation Objective 3 Objective 1: Raise positive awareness of natural gas and its benefits 25% by December 1, 2012.

Objective 2: Obtain media coverage from 3 different mediums and create 3 types of creative content.

Objective 3: Raise awareness of ANGA's dedication to safe and responsible development for power development and transportation 20% by December 1, 2012. Goals
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