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The Beginnings-1800s (Puritans and Realists)

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Jessica Goakey

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of The Beginnings-1800s (Puritans and Realists)

The Beginnings-1800s (Puritans and Realists)
Puritan Beliefs:Sinners All?
Most of humanity would be damned (due to Adam and Eve)
Only particular people would be saved by God
These people were considered “elect”
Main question-“How did you know if you were saved or damned?”
Always looking for signs of grace
Valued self-reliance, industriousness, temperance, and simplicity

The Bible in America
Bible-literal word of God.
Diaries and histories-recordings of the inner and outer events of their lives and God’s work

Rationalist vs. Puritans
God revealed himself to all people at all times if we used our power of reason to discover natural laws
Believed the universe was orderly and good
Believed in humanity’s innate goodness

Sought principles that united all religions
Believed in the perfectibility of every individual through use of reason
Believed God’s objective was the happiness of his creatures

Arrived 1620
Puritan: Protestant groups who sought to “purify” the Church of England.
Religion-personal experience
Writing-straightforward nonfiction narratives
Central to the development of American literature

Puritan Government
Saintly “elect” should have great influence on government
Views tended to be undemocratic
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