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sahil khanna

on 21 November 2014

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Modern Toilet Restaurant
History of Themed Restaurants
'Ithaa' The Maldives
1. David Tallichet began opening restaurants decorated as Polynesian islands, New England fishing villages and World War 2 era French farmhouses, bird restaurants.
2. They were built around a particular concept and crated an environment which added something more to a mere eating and drinking place.

1. An initiative by Conrad Hotels at Rangali Island- Maldives.
2. World's 1st undersea restaurant.
3. This is completely submerged allowing a panoramic view of the amazing underwater creatures.
4. The culinary specialty is obviously - seafood.
Friday, November 21, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
What are themed restaurants?
Some fantastic and unusual theme restaurants
Theme restaurants are restaurants in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, music, and overall 'feel' of the restaurant. The food usually takes a backseat to the presentation of the theme, and these restaurants attract customers solely on the premise of the theme itself.
1. 'Ithaa' The Maldives
2. Modern Toilet Restaurant - Taiwan
3. The Disaster Cafe - Spain
4. Dans le Noir (In The Dark) - Paris
5. Ice Bar - Dubai
6. Chokidhani - India

1. The first toilet themed restaurant was inaugurated in Taipei, Taiwan.
2. The food is usually served in a toilet shaped dish whereas the customers sit on a commode himself.
3. Their culinary specialty excrement shaped ice cream.
1. Adrenaline junkies pay to experience a simulated 7.8 quake while they enjoy a tasty meal.
2. The flatware and hollow ware are specially attached onto the tables to prevent spillage.
The Disaster Cafe- Spain
1. A unique concept of dining in the dark.
2. Customers dine in pitch black atmosphere to enhance their senses and hence, enjoy the 'real and enhanced' taste of food.
3. Customers assisted by virtually impaired staff upon entry itself into a dark room.
Dans Le Noir? ( The Dark Paradise)
1. Almost everything at the restaurant is sculpted out of ice.
2.Guests will sit on the ice benches or chairs, eat at ice tables, out og ice plates, drink from ice glasses served from a bar made office.
3. This bar can accomodate 40 guests.

The Ice Bar - Dubai
1. It is a concept capturing the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan and ensuring a perfect Rajasthani experience.
2. Inbound and native tourists have a desire to experience the unique Rajasthani culture.
3. The real Rajasthan, the villages, the paintings, Bani Thani art, the wall decorations, Dipak wall, the fresh air, the evening performances, the enthusiasm, the 'manuhar' (a delicate request to eat till your heart’s desire), the traditions, the costumes and at last but not least the Feelings
Chokhi dhani- India
1. The restaurant is built around an idea emphasizing fun and fantasy, glamour, romance, music, sports, abstract ideas, etc.
2. Creative as well as culinary expertise is needed for the successful functioning of such an establishment.
1. What are themed restaurants?
2. History of themed restaurants
3. Some fantastic and unusual themed restaurants.
4. Bibliography

Gunjan Agrawal
Sahil Khanna
google images
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