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Mercy Brown

No description

Amber Rebecca

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Mercy Brown

Mercy Brown
New England vampire panic
19th Century
Consumption (better known now as Tuberculosis) was an infection that spread easily among a family.
Consumption was thought to be caused by the deceased consuming the life of their surviving relatives.
Bodies were exhumed and internal organs were burned to stop the vampire from attacking the local population.
Notable cases include Mercy Brown.
Mercy Lena Brown
Mercy's mother contracted consumption, which in turn spread to her sister, her brother, and finally to Mercy herself.
Neighbors believed that one of them was a vampire.
Two months after Mercy's death, her father George Brown and others exhumed the bodies of his family.
Villagers believed that Mercy was the cause of the consumption.
They removed her heart and burnt her body.
The Brown Family
Father: George
Mother: Mary
Oldest daughter: Mary Olive
Son: Edwin
Daughter: Mercy

Mary was the first to die of the disease, followed by Mary Olive. Two years later, Edwin became ill followed by Mercy who eventually died. Edwin died two years later, even after consuming Mercy's ashes, which was thought to help end the curse.
Mercy Brown and Dracula
Why was Mercy thought to be a vampire?
When Edwin was the last child alive the towns people grew suspicious and convinced George to dig up his family because one had to be a vampire. When Mercy was dug up in March of 1892 her body had not decomposed and her hair and finger nails had kept growing. this made her the vampire.
It's said that many authors Including Bram Stoker, with
, used the story of Mercy Brown as an inspiration.
The Truth
Mercy had not decomposed due to the the cold weather of New England and her body was frozen
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