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Orpheus & Eurydice: Allusions

No description

Marcia Kalayjian

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Orpheus & Eurydice: Allusions

Common themes
-Extreme Musical Talent
-Loss of a Loved One
-Failing at an important task
Orpheus & Eurydice: Allusions
by Amy Kalayjian & Sam Baker

Grieg: Holberg Suite, Op. 40 - I. Prelude, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Again!)
Harry, Hermione, and Ron have to face a set of challeges as they descend into the "underworld" of Hogwarts
Arcade Fire- Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) / It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)
Includes the lyrics:
Hey, Orpheus!
I'm behind you
Don't turn around
I can find you

Just wait until it's over
Wait until it's through
And if I call for you
Oh, Orpheus!
Just sing for me all night
We'll wait until it's over
Wait until it's through
Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian
At one point in the book Percy must go into the underworld, so he has his friend Grover (a satyr) play reed pipes to move rocks to reveal the entrance to the underworld.
A folk opera about Orpheus's descent into the underworld.

Includes songs titled 'Eurydice's Song' and 'Wait for Me'.

Goat Song by Poul Anderson
A boy (represents Orpheus) tries to convince SUM (a computer who claims to hold every soul of every deceased person) to resurrect his lost love.
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