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barriers to participation in sport

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julian overy

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of barriers to participation in sport

Many resources effect the participation of people in sport.
- finance: finance massively effects participation as fees for the gym etc are becoming increasingly expensive as well as for some people having to spend money on transport to get to places.
- Travel: some people may live far from nearest facility making it less attractive to go.
- facilities: the facilities may not be a very good standard therefore you are less likely to want to go to them.
People feel as though they have to know what they are doing before entering a gym or some sort of club. This is because they feel intimidated by those who know what they are doing and are good at what they do therefore they feel less confident in going into these scenarios because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
simply not having enough time in your day can become a barrier to participating in sport. for example if you are rushed due to children or work etc. You may be under pressure to get those done so would rather do those instead of going and doing some sport.
barriers to participation in sport
This barrier effects many people because they feel like they need some sort of fitness in order to participate in sport. if they don't have this fitness then they would rather not participate meaning they will wont gain any fitness and will keep feeling as though they don't have the fitness to take part in sports.
A persons lifestyle choice massively effects the of participation in sport. Many people do not prioritize sport in their life due to other commitments such as work and family life.
Having responsibilities causing you to not have the time to participate in sports:
- family
- work
- school/college/university
- friends
- location (long distance away)
medical conditions can physically stop people from taking part in sports as it may have negative effects on their health. or they physically cant due to the pain. Also in some cases the medical conditions wouldn't actually effect being able to take part in sport but the person may feel like it will do them harm so they opt out of doing it.
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