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Creating Dance Hair

How to do Competitive Dance Hair Styles

Lyn Anderson

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Creating Dance Hair

Dance Hair When good hair goes bad ... Russian Braiding Creating a front band Always pony front band separate Right side split S
Down Flat iron Divided hair into thirds Pony middle section between
between other two thirds Roll and pin both sides 1/2 inch curling iron Rolled Bun Bow Straight High Pony Braided Bun Braid hair Wrap braid around
pony base and bobby pin Left side split Creating a front Braid band Start braid above ear
on far side of the head Remember to secure
with a separate pony Adding a Curly pony Spray each strand to get
crisp curls Wrap end of braided band
around pony and secure
bobby pins Creating Dance Hair Divide hair at mid ear Part should line up
with pupil Divide hair behind ear Braid across
head Two Happy Girls What not to do Back to the straight high pony Practice Makes Perfect Cross bobby pins for security
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