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Tortilla Curtain Part 2

Part 2 of the Book Tortilla Curtain

Simon Fuchs

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Tortilla Curtain Part 2

Chapter 1 The Tortilla Curtain 1.) Delaney feels violated and powerless; is upset about people taking the car theft in stride
2.) Kenny turns out to be anti-mexican
3.) Kyra sees Cándido working on the fence and realises that he is the man that Delaney hit with his car Chapter 2 4.) Immigrants have to stand straight in line, aren't allowed to take anything with them, got checked; agents are relentless, strict, you can't argue with them, have control over everything
5.) He feels ashamed for hitting América when he is drunk; he breaks with his values
6.) He is despaired because once again "his" American Dream is crashing down around him - frustration, anger, pressure to give América & the Baby the life they deserve Chapter 4 8.) Candido: needs labor exchange to find work, finds his dream of a better life breaking down, is afraid of "la migra" and getting deported to mexico
América: hates their life in the canyon, close of labor exchange means they would have to leave the place that always reminds her of the rape

9.)Mexico: 40% unemployment, 1 million people a year reach working age, corrupt and bankrupt country, pinched by inflation, only rich people have enough food
America: American Dream, earn money and buy an appartment -> hope of having a better life than in mexico
Americans: rich and arrogant people Chapter 3 7.)
Jack Jardine: between racism and the concern of the wellfare of his neighbours

Jack Cherrystone: claims to be liberal but often points out the danger of mexicans

Jim Shirley: "pro fence", paranoid, anti-immigrant-attitude

Dominick Flood: responsible for shutting down the labour exchange, obscure, very closed, manipulative Chapter 7
11.) Candido thinks he has a lot of bad luck he gets beaten down and robbed by two men who promise to have a cheap apartment for them
12.) to arise excitement and attention to the reader, reader can feel the suspense of América while Candido is absent Part 2 Chapter 8 13.) Delaney and Kyra: When Delaney sees Kyra shopping for thanksgiving dinner he feels his anger disappear, his mood lifting
América and Candido: Candido can't believe his luck when he gets a turkey, thinks that would make América smile again and he never felt luckier
14.) turkey: attitudes of the 2 families to consume - symbol of excess Chapter 6 10.) Delaney forbids Kyra to work on the wall committee, racist, doesn't want to risk his relationships, inner conflicts of "two Delaneys"
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