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Managing Health Conditions

Explain the relationship between stress and nutrition Identify the role of nutrition in recovery from illness or injury Examples of how people with medical conditions or physical impairments can meet their nutritional needs.

Lorie Bagley

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Managing Health Conditions

Managing Health Conditions Stress
Nutrition & Stress Illness & Recovery Physical or mental tension triggered by an event or situation in your life Heartburn
Loss of Appetite
Poor Food Choices Encourage Fluids
Serve Nutritious Foods
Medication affects appetite
Disposable plates and cups if illness can spread to others

Dietary Supplements Nutrients people take in addition to the foods people eat Megadoses
Herbal Remedies Special Eating Plans High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Food Allergy
Food Intolerance Adjusting to Special Eating Plans Physical Challenges
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