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what I've learnt about technology

No description

jack liddicoat

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of what I've learnt about technology

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product Sony Vegas Audacity was used in my radio advert and was an easy piece of technology to use. i learnt to add pieces of other audio pieces together. Other pieces of media I learnt that Sony Vegas is a very easy program to use and to edit video on. Also i have been able to add new video effects like black and white on specific pieces of video. Using credits was new to me so had to find a way to add them and when i did it was very easy to edit the text and to add transitions to the text. It was very easy to use as i have experienced this in my gcse media lessons in year 10- 11 in my music video camera, tripod and camera holder The camera i used was an easy camera to use such as zooming and recording. I found this very easy to use as i also used a camera at GCSE so made it even easier to use. also the tripod was another piece of equipment that i have used before as it steadies the shots and makes it easier to use pan shots. Whereas the camera holder a piece of equipment i haven't used before but was an easy piece of equipment to use. We had to buy this because the school didn't have one readily available and other wise the hand held shots would too shaky to use in the final product Prezi This was an easy piece of technology to use and gives a more interactive feeling than the normal power point. The movements between the different pieces of information makes the presentation more interesting and interactive to the audience. Because prezi is so easy to use i used it for another question in the evaluation, what media institutions would distribute your products. The fact that it is public is also another positive of using prezi because anyone who wants to can look at it can. I've learnt to add photos from my files and internet and how to add paths to other parts in the prezi Blogs I found the blogs rather hard to use as there is so many different ways to upload media so it is hard to pick the correct one to present it. I probably found it rather hard to use as i have never used or needed to use a blog in school or at home. All though, it does present the information in a very professional way. But I've learnt to make a blog and how to set up new pages and add media to the pages of the blog Photoshop was hard to use for me as i have never used it before, but I've learnt to layer pictures on top of one another and to change the colour and transparency of pictures.
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