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Antigone- Greek Theatre

No description

Kelli Stair

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Antigone- Greek Theatre

by Sophocles Greek Theatre The Oedipus Myth Antigone Festival- god of wine Dionysos play competitions outdoor theatres no curtains for scene changes
chorus sang songs no violence or irreverence onstage
although both were central to plots violence offstage:
through dialogue FORMAT Prologue: presents
background to
situate the conflict Parados:
opening song First Scene Chorus' song-
called an ode-
divides scenes
like a modern curtain Chorus:
interprets the play Chorus leader- choragos;
talks to the rest of the chorus;
chorus moves around the stage
but do not (often) interact with characters actors wear masks onstage three plays: Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone Antigone is last, but written first Oedipus background:
Oedipus was abandoned at birth
by his parents- king and queen of Thebes fortuneteller claimed the infant
would kill the father, marry the mother trusted a servant
to kill the baby gave him to a childless couple
who never told him his identity killed a man in Thebes (his father) becomes a hero
of Thebes widowed queen agrees
to marry the champion happily raised
four children until... Plague!!! during an investigation... Oedipus learns the truth: he killed his father! he married his mother! GREEK
TRAGEDY!! queen
commits suicide! Oedipus pokes
his own eyes out! Creon takes over Kingdom;
Antigone takes her father
to exile and he dies. civil war between Oedipus'
sons ends with them killing each other. Eteocles supported Creon
and is buried with honors Polynieces rebelled against Thebes,
so his corpse is left out to rot Antigone decides to disobey
Creon's command and bury her brother set up for another... Antigone tells her sister she will defy the King and bury their brother Ismene begs her not to, claiming they are only women and aren't strong enough to stand against men Antigone-
"yeah, right" Creon tries to explain why letting a
royal prince rot in the sun is the
right thing to do; he is "so wise"- he says so himself and really...
who would defy a King? the daughter of a different
King, perhaps? Oh, yeah! of course, this girl is promised
to be married to Creon's son Haimon Wait, that would make them....
cousins???? MOVING ON!!! the sentry reports to Creon that the body has been buried against his decree Who would dare do such a thing? but why???? "Your edict, King, was strong, but all your strength is weakness itself against the immortal laws of God." makes sense- what do you think, Creon? "Who is the man here, she or I, if this crime goes unpunished?" Wait, what? You think obeying God's laws over your own makes you less of a man? No wonder Ismene thought she couldn't stand against the men- they're crazy! Everyone begs Creon to change his mind- to have mercy- to let Antigone live. ismene tries to follow her sister into death, but Antigone refuses her offer. Creon makes fun of both girls- misogynous jerk. He puts them under armed guards. Chorus begs Creon to reconsider. "There is no guilt in reverence for the dead." Creon tries to defend himself against Antigone, but her logic outmaneuvers him. He gives up and waits to condemn Ismene, too. Creon mocks them as well... game over.
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