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Private Peaceful

No description

angel zeng

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

"Oranges and Lemons"
thoughtful Themes
ISU Novel Introduction
Name: Private Peaceful
Author: Michael Morpurgo
First Published: 2003
Award: Blue Peter Book Award
Background: The First World War of 1914-1918, British vs. Germany

Live with Hope, Love and never give up by Frustration
A song happens many times in the story and the three Peaceful brothers all like to sing
Presentation By Leon Liang
Summary of the story
Quite short, easy to read and Interesting structure
Characters introduction
Tommo Peaceful
Charlie Peaceful
Molly Monks
Big Joe
Mother &Father
Grandma Wolf
The Colonel
Eldest Brother
Little Tommo
Big Joe
Good model to guide Tommo to live with hope
Fun, innocent, nice to everyone, and has a beautiful love for nature, but mental retardation
Problems could be solved by singing "Oranges and Lemons"
Dead people went to heaven, heaven is at the top of the church, a place that can be seen in the sky that a finger point to
What is this book going to be about?
"I have the bravest brother in the world"
"We'll always be together, the three of us, for ever and ever"
"I didn't want any enemy solider ever setting foot on our soil, on my place"
"I could believe only in the hell I was living in, a hell on earth, and it was man-made, not God-made"
"I must survive, I have promises to keep"
Interesting Characters
The Peaceful Family
World War One
Connect to present
Why interest you to read?
Only 185 pages, very few unfamiliar words
In character's memory, flashbacks and reality are providing in each chapter
Each chapter is setting as a time to count down 10p.m.--6a.m.
Something is waiting for Tommo next morning
Different characteristics--affect you a lot
Tommo is similar to us, rebellious child without hope, courage, and responsibility
"I stay and I do not run, only because of Charlie" (139).
never give up by frustration, always live with hope and love
Many social commentaries that reveal to society to make us think a lot
Tommo releases German soldiers: "Why should I kill Germans? I haven't seen a few Germans" (68).
War: no benefits to human, a destruction to the world and human
Humanity, attitude of life, love, innocent, etc.
Today's society is similar to a battleground. War is launched by humans--fight prevails everywhere
Cruelty: humanity > war
Teenagers easily give up hope, no courage to face frustration
Having hope--happiness, confidence
One of the most realistic, well written books I have ever read
You can get better sense of hope and fear-- a first-person narrative
A mixture of hope, happiness, love, innocent, and tragedy
I would recommend this book !~
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