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Clearing & Settlement System

Gerco Kanbier

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of InterClear

Big Picture

Why help emerging countries set up their own national payment infrastructure to make them self supportive. Macro economic principles apply when you create a national payment infrastructure... Interclear - Clearing & Settlement

InterClear is a clearing and settlement system based on the most effective payment infrastructure in world. Interclear is rebuild on the state of the art technology. Already 3,5 years of development is put into this flexibile, scalable and standardized payment infrastructure connecting all national banks.
Cordys - State of the Art Technology

InterClear is built on the Cordys platform and is capable to handle up to 2 billion transactions on a yearly basis. InterClear is platform independent, which gives the possibility to the customer to start with low upfront investments in hardware. International Standards

Equens is the leading payment processor and one of the largest and most advanced Automated Clearing Houses in Europe. The company is the benchmark for reliable and high-quality services in the field of payment traffic, which is confirmed by independent research institutes.

The external interfaces of Interclear are developed in XML using the ISO 20022 standard and are based on the core payment kernel and the SWIFT Payment Initiation and Bulk Payment B2B Standards. In addition to the standards mentioned above, a 'rulebook' is developed to help local banks connect to Interclear. InterClear Inclusion Group & IGS

Inclusion group will deliver the key management staff and payment specialists to build payment infrastructure in the emerging country.

Inclusion group will recruit, select and train local staff and will transfer knowledge. After the initial period, local management will be hired to handover the day-to-day operations.

IGS - a subsidiairy of Inclusiongroup - holds the intellectual property rights (IPR) of Interclear. The license of InterClear is offered on transaction basis. Utilizing this 'Pay-as-you-Grow' concept, requires no large up-front investments, which reduces the barrier to reach the mass market with basic financial services. Investors

Why FMO - dutch develeopment bank and EIB - European Investment Bank invested in local implemention in Egypt.
1. Once paper money becomes electronic money, banks can facilitate economic growth through investments and make money with money. 2. These investments drive new employment and recruit new employees which are skilled and healthy. 3. More employment means more Tax income, which may be spend for education, healthcare and infrastructure.
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