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Copy of Visible Learning John Hattie

No description

Jamey Byers

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Visible Learning John Hattie

Visible Learning for Teachers:
Maximizing Impact on Learning

New Zealand
15 Years
800+ meta-analysis
50,000 studies
200+ million students
High effect
Average effect
Low effect
What is the effect, on students, of reducing class sizes from 30 students to 15 students?
BY: John Hattie
Not Effective
Multi-age classes
Student control over learning
Influences on Student Learning
Highly Effective
Formative evaluation
Teacher/Student relationships
Little Effect
Class Size
Teachers evaluating the effect they have on students.
Realize that they need to reflect and change their teaching and stop blaming the students for why they aren't learning.
What is Visible Learning?
Hattie states that "Visible Learning is not another recipe for success. There is no recipe or professional development set of worksheets, no new teaching method, and no band-aid remedy.
It is a way of thinking!
Teachers are powerful influences.
Teachers need to be passionately engaged in teaching and learning.
Teachers need to be aware of what every student in their class is thinking and what they know.
Where are you going? How are you going? Where to next?
Teachers move from the single idea to multiple ideas.
School leaders and teachers need to create an environment in which error is welcomed.
Six Principals of Visible Learning
Focus on student cognitive engagement
Focus on developing problem solving
Focus on providing feedback
Seek feedback
Have deep understanding of how we learn
Focus on seeing learning through the eyes of the students
Passionate and Accomplished Teachers
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