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Angel and Daniel -Beyblade

No description

Beyblade Central

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Angel and Daniel -Beyblade

BEYBLADE THE TV SHOW Beyblade is many different things beyblade is a toy that we can buy internationally in different countries and different stores beyblade is also a tv show that is still on air today you can watch beyblade on your television,youtube,and netflix the series on tv today is BEYBLADE METAL FURY consists of Many characters some of the main characters are Ginka Hagane a very passionate beyblader who has been considered the best blader in the world beyblades that he has : Storm Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus ,Big Bang Pegasus And Samurai Pegasus(has not come out in the united states yet most of the originals are in japan from a brand named takara tomy a very famous japanese toy company that is famous for producing excessive amounts of beyblades). Another Main Character is Kyoya Tatagane Description: He prefers to be more like a lone wolf he multiply says that he is a lion he roams the animal kingdom alone he doesent fight in groups its every man for him self ( Which has proven to be not true because in the series beyblade metal masters they had a world championship which meant that 4 of the best bladers from each country would go represtent their country in the form of beyblade evem though keyoya is from japan and finishes first place he gave up his position to face his rival ginka in the tournament in order to face him he intended to finish first in the african team which their name was team wild fang which was one of the best battles of all time besides all of the legendary bladers against ragu the black son and king of darkness. Also Known As The God Of Destruction Ragu And owner of the bey of destruction Diablo Nemisis As Well As Kyoya Owns 2 Beys From all the generations of the series that kyoya has been in includes Fang Leone And Rock Leone. VS Team Wild Fang Ginka's Team Gan Gan Galaxy Fun Fact Kyoya Was Supposed to be gan gan galaxy's second member and yu would have never existed in the order of best to worst was SUPPOSED to be Ginka, Kyoya , Masamunae And Tsubasa The Team's Of Metal Masters ( World Championships) Winner Of The World Championship The Metal Fusion Beyblade Metal Fusion was the first series to us that we americans could see while at the same time understanding what they were talking about even though japan was way ahead of us hasbro and cartoon network worked together to make it possible for beyblades to come to the us in their own brand hasbro beyblades But At the same time was the base for the next two generations beyblade metal masters and beyblade metal fury the last series before the Zero G Series . Back To The Facts Beyblade metal fusion was based on a boy named Ginka Hagane Who Belives that His Father Was Dead In a horrible accident during battileing Ryuga The owner of the beyblade lighting ldrago but before he thought he was dead his father gavfe him the bey storm pegasus one of the best beys in the metal fusion series since lightning ldrago ehich turns out that ginka beats ryuga in the final battle proving to be the better blader and came the end of metal fusion and the start of metal masters BEYBLADE RAP Metal Masters Beyblade metal masters is our second season in the metal fight Series Here Is Where the cool part comes in this series they have a world championship which consists of many different countries representing their county in the form of beyblade but the weird thing is that even though ryuga is ginkas enemy he helped him in the tournament in the battle between Jack And Ginka Ryuga Helped Them. Metal Fury ANGEL VS DANIEL Angel's Combo's Daniel's Combo's VS Variares AD145 B Galaxy Orso 130 S (XTS) Herculeo Defender Death Rex AD145 ES Big Bang Leone (Multi Attack Mode) F:S (XTS) Tempo Hammer Hit SPIN TEST Ripcord Launcher Point Shot Launcher VariAres 2:06 Variares 1:58 Phantom Orion 8:36 Phantom Orion 7:41 Leone"s Evolvment Rock Leone Counter Leone NOT IN THE SEIRIES FANG LEONE Newest Leone Available Pegasus's
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