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Executive Summary:

No description

Wesley Eaton

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Executive Summary:

Target mass communication and journalism majors to blog for “The Hoot.”
The visitor page can lead to relationships with businesses through advertising or promotional offers.
Use “The Hoot” to promote activities within college towns or nearby cities.
Designate a job position to run all forms of social media.

Lacks financial and human capital to achieve enough exposure.
Rely on word of mouth.
May confuse off-campus housing with dorms on campus.
Sections of the website are incomplete.
Only one scholarship is available between 35 different universities on the website.
Offering unreliable information could push students to look elsewhere.

An objective organization.
The website is completely free to use, and there is no fee to register.
Website is easy to navigate through their simple and straight forward navigation bars.
Freshman Support offers high school students advice from a current university students.
The website offers financial and academic advice.

The Client:
Last Round Agency presents:
Chris Cartwright • Wes Eaton • Fantasia Valencia • Gabby Knepp • Austin Walker

SWOT Analysis
Kelsey Thomas
Jake Morgan
17 years old
College undecided
Frequent user of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
Isn't very motivated to look into tertiary education.
PR and Promotions
Target Audience
18 years old
Applying to multiple universities, including Texas State University
Top 10% of senior class
Frequent Instagram user
Freshman Support was created as a class project at the University of Texas to help international students prepare for their upcoming attendance at the University.
The Freshman Support website launched in May 2012 at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University.
College Board includes reviews and tips from students currently attending the university.
JoinU is an app where students create profiles to connect with classmates who have the same majors and interests. The app connects students with each other before they arrive to campus.
Market Trends:
Easy, accessible interactive website
High school students between the ages of 17- 18 who plan on attending college.
Market Research

Freshman Support desires to improve in three ways: increase user audience, brand recognition, and bolster community manager content.
Research Methodology:
We distributed surveys to high school juniors and seniors in the Austin and Dallas areas.
Our research aimed to find an insight among high school juniors and seniors that would help us satisfy Freshman Support's goals.
SWOT Analysis Cont'd
98% of students have not heard of Freshmansupport.com
Conclusions and Recommendations:
Our research indicates college-bound high school students are more concerned about life during college.
Our recommendation is to address these apprehensions through user-submitted content.
Since College Board and Princeton Review have been around longer and have more thorough information, students gravitate toward what is familiar and well known.
High school counselors offer face-to-face meetings and recommendations for high school students, providing a trustworthy and personal source of recommendations.
About a third of our respondents rely on university websites for information when researching or applying for college.

Media Strategy:

"Life as a Bobcat*" Videos
Community Managers at UT, Texas State, and UTSA
Social Media
Facebook and Instagram
"Best University Experience Photo" Contest
High School Visits
Top two and bottom two schools in Austin ISD and Round Rock ISD
Twice per month
Specialty advertising
"Hoot" Blog Internship
Community Managers offered internships

Marketing Objectives
Reach and Frequency Objectives
Posts three times a day
Goal is to reach 4,500 high school students a month during November through January and May
Objective one:
Increase the amount of viewer traffic on the Freshman Support website
Connect with our target demographic through social media to gain a more personable relationship with them.
Objective two:
Make Freshman Support the first choice for college planning among college-bound high school juniors and seniors.
Objective three:
Increase repeat viewer traffic and decrease bounce rate (including those who have already begun college) on the website.
26.5% are returning users
54% bounce rate

Media Mix
Aware of the different resources offered
Students to feel comfortable and confident
Keep students engaged
Creative Brief:
Increase brand name recognition virally and increase the amount of followers on their social media sites, making our audience aware of the different resources Freshman Support offers.
Target Audience:
Our audience is high school juniors and seniors located in the Central Texas area, specifically the Austin and Round Rock Independent School Districts.
Current Mindset:
The majority of their research for college is currently done on College Board and specific university websites.
Budget & Timeline:
Our budget for the advertising campaign is $5,000. The timeline for our campaign will begin at the start of November and continue through January and also during the month of May.
Social Media Posts:
We have decided to use the "Life as a Bobcat*" YouTube campaign idea, which includes off-campus activities that help make attending a specific campus special. The "Best University Experience Photo" contest on Instagram and Facebook will encourage students to continue to be involved with Freshman Support as well.
Big Idea:
Freshmansupport.com, your wise owl for college.
The audience should not expect a brick-and-mortar company but rather an internet-based service.
College-bound high school students will be able to go to Freshman Support like someone would go to an older brother or sister for advice in college.
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