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Argentina (Land of Silver)

No description

Nisha Lathrop

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Argentina (Land of Silver)

Argentina (Land of Silver)
by Nisha Lathrop,Salaam Original, Antone Hicks

Little Bit About..
Argentina gained its independence in 1816 but is currently majority European due to disease killing most of the natives. It is home of the Aconcagua , the highest peak in the western hemisphere.
What do you get?
Industry: Food processing ,motor vehichles , consumer durables, and textiles

Agriculture: Sunflower seeds, lemons, soybeans, and livestock
Where am I?
I am East of Chili, South of Paraguay and Bolivia, and on the Coast of the Atlanitc Ocean
Argentina is a meat oriented state. The spanish word "carne" meaning meat usually refers to beef in Argenitina.
The primary religion is Roman Catholic.
Population of 38,592,00
The Andes Mountians are located at its border between Chili and Argentina
Capitol is Buenos Aires
Goverment and Currency
Republic Government

Currency is the Argentine Peso
What do I look like?
My heartland consists of broad grassy plains known as Pampas.
I have mountians on my bourder with Chili known as the Andes and I am home to the Iquazu Falls. I have rainforests and rolling plains.
Famous People I am home of.....
Lionel Messi- Soccer Player-28
Martina Stoessel-TV Actress-18
Sergio Aquero- Soccer Player-27
Pope Francis-78- Religious Leader
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