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6th grade yearrrrr

No description

Lola Johnson

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of 6th grade yearrrrr

MST PLATE TECTONICS SPANISH (All About Me) My success to get to 7th grade.... (MY PORTFOLIO) For this assignment, I had to complete several steps of observation and note taking. I had to list every single spot where tornado's, earth quake's, and of coarse plate movement (Convergent, divergent, transform.) I had to create persuasive papers convincing that this plate is moving towards this plate. This took at least a week of great work, and a bit of out-of-the-box thinking. I used a lot of my time observing and note taking so that I could spend the rest of that week just persuade people. =) For this assignment, I had to use my knowledge of spanish from the Elementary school as well I was what I learned here. I had to draw a pic. of me and label all body parts in spanish. Then I had to answer questions about my birthday, nationality, and stuff like that. I also had to present my reflection, that was written in spanish, to the WHOLE class. I was nervous, but Ms.Florez said I did great,so I got a good grade. HUM. NOVEL For this assignment, the novel, we had to complete a packet. The packet helped us with our plot, setting, characters, etc.
Then, we had to start writing, using the info from the packet. For me, the packet just went away. I got bored of the first TWO novels I wrote, so, i tweaked it and started writing another one. The third one, in my opinion, was awesome, so I stuck with it. Right now, I have completed at least 12 pages of my THIRD novel, and have typed 4 1/4 pages of it.
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