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Born in Stratford, England on April 23, 1564

No description

Alex Legge

on 12 December 2016

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Transcript of Born in Stratford, England on April 23, 1564

Stratford, England
April 23, 1564
The Life of William Shakespeare
Baptized April 26,1564
King's New School in Stanford, 1569
Grammar School
November 28, 1582
William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway
Children of Shakespeare
Suzana - 1583
Judith and Hamnet (twins) - 1585
Shakespeare arrived in London and left family back in Stratford to become an actor and officially moved here in 1592
Lord Chamberlin's Men/ The King's Men
He was an actor in 1592 and a playwrite and these were the companies he worked for
Worked for Chamberlin's Men in 1595
First plays in 1590
The Globe
Built in 1599
Shakespeares' Plays
The Two Gentlemen of Verona and Taming of the Shrew - 1590-1591
Henry VI Part II; Henry VI Part III - 1591
Henry VI Part I - 1592
Richard III - 1592-1593
The Comedy of Errors 1594
Kind Edward III - 1595
Richard II - 1595
Romio and Juliet - 1595
A Midsummer Night's Dream - 1595
Shakespeare's Plays Part II
The Merchant of Venice - 1596-1597
Julius Caesar - 1599
Hamlet - 1600-1601
Twelfth Night - 1600-1601
The Winter's Tale - 1609
The Tempest - 1611
Worked for the King's Men in 1602
Around 1610 he went back to live in the Newhouse in Stanford

Lived rest of life here
After Death
Died April 23, 1616

After death people questioned the authority of the plays that he wrote

He modified the English language and invented many words
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