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Using QR Codes for Real Estate Marketing

How to generate and apply QR Codes for your Marketing Materials.

Joe Brant

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Using QR Codes for Real Estate Marketing

What are QR Codes? QR Codes were developed in 1994 by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, for use in tracking parts used in the manufacture of automobiles. These codes are similar to the bar codes we are all familiar with, but are two-dimensional, allowing them to contain much more information. Since QR Codes carry information both horizontally and vertically, a QR Code is capable of encoding the same amount of data in approximately one-tenth the space of a traditional bar code.
While conventional bar codes are capable of storing a maximum of approximately 20 digits, a QR Code is capable of handling several dozen to several hundred times more information. One QR Code is capable of holding 7,089 Numeric characters, or 4,296 Alphanumeric characters.
Where would you use QR Codes For Maximum Impact? The opportunities for real estate marketing are nearly endless since one of the main uses of QR codes is to embed URLs that when scanned will take the phone user to wherever the URL was pointing (i.e. your Website, a listings detail information, a Video Tour of a home, etc).
Put them on your lawn signs or riders pointing to your mobile optimized Website with the details for that listing.

(NOTE: If the code is at least 10” x 10”, it can be scanned from the comfort of the prospect’s car.) On a Print Ad or Brochure pointing to a YouTube video of you walking thru your latest listing. Put a QR code decal on your car that points to your mobile optimized Website, or better yet, an irresistible offer on your Website.

(Again, make sure it is at least 10” x 10” so it can be scanned by other drivers.) If it is winter, develop a QR code on the sign and link it to photos or a video of the house when the landscaping is in full bloom in spring. Sponsor a local team and put the QR code pointing to your Website on their uniforms. Give away T-shirts with a QR code that points to your site. On the back of your business card pointing to your Website. Place a code displaying your contact information on your name tag.
ClikBrix.com is a good company that can set you up for QR Code marketing. They have a lot to offer and charge $25 per month for their basic service. However, it is not difficult to set up your own mobile site and print your own labels for a total cost of about $36. In fact, the most expensive item is the cost of purchasing the Avery WeatherProof labels (#5524). Printing them on the office laser printer allows you to make six labels, enough for three signs, for only 5 cents. QR Code Generators are available free from many sources, a Google search will provide you with quite a long list.

I use the one at qrcode.kaywa.com for no other reason than that is the one I started with and it is quick and easy for me. There are also many sources for QR Code Readers. However, you MUST have a reader that is designed for your phone’s operating system. Whether you have an Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Palm, I suggest that you download a QR Code reader only from your phone carrier’s App store. 10 Reasons Why QR Codes Are Beneficial For Real Estate Marketing 1. Connect with your mobile clientele

There are approximately 60 million SmartPhone users in the US (March 2010). The Nielsen Co. projects 80+ million more (140+ million) by the end of 2011.

Mobile Web usage is skyrocketing

Mobile users demand the content they want, when they want it and where they want it…

QR codes are your link to give them what they are asking for 2. Make your For Sale signage interactive

Allow people to link to you and property listings from the front lawn

QR codes remove the need to remember or write down a long URL or a phone number 3. Bring your Print Marketing to Life

QR Codes make the “static” become “interactive”

Extend the value and the experience of your print campaigns 4. QR Codes help you track your print

QR Codes are completely “trackable”

You may have done a newspaper ad or a direct mail flyer, a bus shelter poster or sign rider – Do you know how many people visited you from these efforts?

QR Code marketing can finally begin to give you an idea of your ROI 5. QR Codes help you stand out

Using QR codes gives you a direct point of differentiation

QR code marketing will help you attract Home-Sellers and Home-Buyers

If you’re not using QR Codes you can bet that your competition is or will be soon… why not be the trendsetter? 6. Go Green!!! Save Paper!!!

QR codes are a true form of “Green” technology

Instead of printing dozens of sales sheets on a property you can print 1 sheet that has your QR code on it and leave the QR code on the kitchen table during an open house to let people scan it

People can access more information through a mobile website than from a piece of paper plus your mobile property listing will be stored in their phone 7. You can customize your QR Code

Stand out even more by customizing your QR Code to fit in with your Personal Brand or your Brokerage 8. Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Google and the others love fresh content

Add your QR Code to each page of your website and blog

Film a short YouTube video of yourself scanning a QR Code off your For Sale sign 9. Let Desktop users take you and your properties with them

Put a QR Code on your website and let visitors scan you into their mobile device right from their computer screen

Put your QR Code on your Facebook profile, Active Rain profile and Twitter profile – when people scan your code you and your properties are automatically launched on their phones 10. Go Viral

Because QR Codes are images, people can pass your QR Code around from one person to another

Include them in your monthly eNewsletter so people can forward it on to friends and family

Include them on your business cards

Post your QR Code on Flickr, Twitpic, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others Making it all work Do we have any questions about today's presentation on QR Codes?
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