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New media and the deconstruction of tradition.

No description

Keith McDonald

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of New media and the deconstruction of tradition.

New Media and the Deconstruction of Tradition
20 Million Viewers

Communal viewing
Media event
National landmark

Many people watched the ceremony in the street as a part of a shared cultural moment.
2 shifts in domestic living
1) A shift indoors to the familial home as cultural nucleus
2) The proliferation of media goods
Television did and to some extent still does work on a family orientated mode where members of the family are granted access to the television in the living room only to be joined or usurped by others. But is this necessary?
Steele and Brown describe teenage 'room culture' as the place where media and identities intersect through the bricolage of identity work objects on display in young peoples rooms.
Television's place as the dominant media form in homes is under threat and it must take its place alongside a plethora of other media. Extending this, the traditional notions of the broadcast television programme/schedule/channel are becoming redundant.
"Social TV is a modern version of the old days of gathering round the TV to watch a variety show on a Saturday night.”

Reggie James
“It is computer screens where we project ourselves into our own dramas, dramas in which we are producer, director, and star.”

Sherry Turkle.
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