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Coastal Management R.A.P

It's fuuuuuunnnnn

Navira Trimansyah

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Coastal Management R.A.P

Coastal Management R.A.P
The topic being studied is coastal management. A research has been conducted to find strategies that help to sustainably manage the coastline. The key question that is being answered is:
Why do we need to manage the coastal environment?
Focus Questions
What issues are occurring in the environment?
How does the environment affect the community and vice versa?
What risks are taken managing the environment?
How can we change these issues?
Does coastal management issues affect urban areas?
Primary & Secondary Data
Observations/field sketches
Coastal Watch Website
Coastal Watch website - Observe several beaches in Australia
Photos - Screenshot from the Coastal Watch website
Observations/Field sketches - Use Coastal Watch website to record observations and field sketches
Surveys - 10-15 questions that were asked towards people at home and school
Textbooks - Australian Exploration Stage 5 & Geo Active Stage 5
Newspaper Articles - The Age, ABC News & The Advocate
Graphs - Surveys
Pictures/maps - Googled "Coastal Management"
& "Australian Beaches"
by Navira Trimansyah
Newspaper articles
Palm Beach
Large headlands protruding out into the ocean, rough seas, filming on the beach (scaffolding), plunging waves
Surfer's Paradise
Human features such as footpaths, carparks & buildings, lots of trees, no headlands, spilling waves, beach replenishment occurring
Plain beach, rock jetty created by humans, no plants or human features, more nature, long shore drift, breaking waves
Issues on the Coast
Erosion of sand dunes
Salt-spray weathering - breaks up surface of rock
Animal weathering - breaks up rocks because of chemicals attacking minerals in rocks
Waves - deposits sand and rock fragments
Plant weathering - breaks up rocks because of roots
Softer rocks - wears away
Outcrops - formed by breaking waves eroding cliff bases
Human Impact
Land cleared for human settlement, mining, agriculture, industry , recreation and forestry
Population boom
Growing tourism
Natural vegetation cleared
Erosion increase
Newspaper Articles
The government wants to replace the current coastal management strategies with a new one
The government reviews the coastal management plans often
A secluded beach on the Sunshine Coast made it into the "101 Best Australian Beaches" list. The more popular beaches such as Surfer's Paradise and Kings Beach weren't listed on the list at all
The government started to fund forums for recreational fishers to discuss the issues of fish and other sea creatures in the habitats
One Banksia tree collapsed on the edge of a creek and the community started to panic because of it
There are more strategies in coastal management that are actually more simple. These include fines, warning signs, rubbish collecting, volunteers and media influences

The beaches are one of Australia's biggest landmarks so they need to be kept clean as tourism is an economic revenue

More tourists on the beach means more littering and sand dune erosion

People stayed on the beach for more than 5 hours because they rarely go to the beach

There are both human and natural impacts on the coastal environment. There may be some strategies that can be helpful to the natural impacts, but they can also become a negative impact in another aspect

People who go to the beach mostly have picnics or BBQ's, which may be one of the biggest reasons why there is so much pollution and littering along the coast

There are a decent amount of people who exercise or play with the sand such as making sandcastles on the beach, which make the erosion process of the sand dunes even quicker

Most people stay at the beach for 5 hours to a whole day because they hardly go there, even though they live on the coastline. With them being on the coast plus the tourists, it's harder for people to keep up with the condition of the beach
Newspaper Articles Summary
Although citizens didn't notice it at first, they felt that the current coastal management plan was fine, but the government wants to spend more money to make a new one, even though it won't make much of a difference as the current plan

The government is willing to spend their time and money on coastal management, which means that it must be a very important issue. This may also mean the government care about it that much, communities around the coast should also too

The reason why one beach from the Sunshine Coast made it into the list was because it was secluded and clean, which means that the more popular beaches are deteriorating because of the crowded tourists and visitors

People are also concerned about the habitats found in the sea so the government funds forums that were originally created by recreational fishers to discuss the issues about the creatures

Just because one Banksia tree fell on the edge of a creek, communities were concerned because they know that it's a sign that the coast isn't being managed properly, as Banksia trees are known to stand for a very long time
All individuals, groups of people and the government can somehow be involved in coastal management.

Individuals can reduce the pollution on the coast by throwing their own rubbish in the bin and separate them in their rightful places. They can also join different groups that help people become aware about the conditions on the coast. They can also install rain tanks and rain gardens in order to reduce the use of tap water and stormwater pollution. They can also do activities such as exercise on boardwalks that's provided for them.

There are a lot of groups who are concerned about the coast. There is the fishers' forum that's funded by the government, and others that can help. Volunteers should also go to the beaches a few times and plant natural vegetation or clean the rubbish, etc. Tourists should come to the beaches more often as it is one of Australia's biggest economic revenues. With the money, we'd be able to create and fund more strategies and associations for coastal management. Those who scaffold on the beach to film, should use a set for scenes that's on dry land and only use the beach to film if they need to use the ocean, so that they would reduce the erosion on the beach.

The government should fund for more strategies to sustain the coast. They should also fund more charities, groups, awareness programs, etc relating to coastal management. Also, because they are really powerful and influential , they should create more laws that don't allow people to do things that would harm the coastal environment. Campaigns and ads that are supported by the government are also a good way to continue the positive things coastal management does for the Australian coastline!
"How Do You Think Tourism Affects The Coast"
"How Long Do You Stay At The Beach?"
"What Strategies Have You Seen Being Used On The Coast?"
"What Do You Do On The Beach?"





http://coastalwatch.com/camera/cameras_large.aspx?cam=3200&state=NSW&t=9:53:00 PM&camName=Palm Beach

http://coastalwatch.com/camera/cameras_large.aspx?cam=1300&state=QLD&t=9:53:16 PM&camName=Surfers Paradise

http://coastalwatch.com/camera/cameras_large.aspx?cam=7023&state=WA&t=9:53:35 PM&camName=Mandurah
Questions Asked In The Surveys
Age Group?
How far do you live from the beach?
How long do you usually stay at the beach?
What do you do at the beach?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how important is coastal management to you - Why or why not?
Do you think the coastal environment can affect you? If yes, how?
How much do you know about coastal management?
How do you think tourism affects the coast?
Have you seen any strategies being used to protect the coast? If yes, what were they?
Do you think people should learn more about management?

Process & Analysis
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