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Prezi on "Miss Brill"

No description

Jennifer Burk

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Prezi on "Miss Brill"

This is a photo of Katherine Mansfield
- Katherine Mansfiled was born in Wellington, New Zealand on October 1st, 1888.
- Katherine died in Fontainebleau France on January 9th, 1923.
- Mansfield often wrote about
femme seule
which translates to lonely woman.
- Katherine wrote
Miss Brill
on November 26th, 1920
Miss Brill
is a dramatic short story.
-Katherine writes Miss Brill in 3rd Person.



This short story takes place in Jardins Publiques, which roughly translates to "public garden". There are people walking all around as Miss Brill sits in her "special" spot.
In Miss Brill, Katherine begins the scene with Miss Brill pulling an old box out from underneath her bed. In the box is a weathered fur, which is the pelted fox. Miss Brill puts on the fur and heads to her favorite park, where she believes that everyone goes for her entertainment. A band plays as everyone else comes to put on a play for her, as she so fantasized. This goes on for quite some time and during this she never calls anyone by any name, only by what they are wearing (symbolizing how parallel lives live in their clothes). Eventually two young lovers show her that she is just a “thing” and not important in the least bit. When this happens she goes back to her home and skips out on her Sunday treat and puts away her fur, she hears herself crying but doesn’t admit that it is her.

Miss Brill
Miss Brill is our dynamic protagonist. She is an elderly woman that teaches English. Every Sunday she enjoys to go to the public garden. She likes to watch the musicians play and everyone act around her. She sees the music through the people and it reflects her emotions. Miss Brill wears the pelt of a fox around her neck. Miss Brill only treats herself on Sunday's to a honey cake on her way home from the gardens. Miss Brill lives a parallel life with her fur.
By: Jenn, Lily & Natasha.
Prezi on
Miss Brill

Other Characters
: The young couple are the antagonists because they bring Miss Brill back to reality, out of her fantasy of the garden "play," causing the conflict in the story.

Minor Characters
: Everyone else at the park- the old couple on the bench (hope for Miss Brill), the little kids running around, along with the young women and soildiers. These people make up the scenery/entertainment in her fantasy life (the play).

In miss brill, Mansfield was able to effectively portray the vulnerability loneliness, resorting to fantasies, gives people through the symbols she chose.
The Fur-
The fur represents Miss Brill's parallel in life, "living" as she does; brought out into the open for a while, from its lonely, dark box, only to be put back in the end. The fur also symbolizes her loneliness as it is also Miss Brill's companion accompanying her to the park.

The Orchestra-
The Orchestra allows Miss Brill's imagination to take off, as it lets herself become embedded into the "play," while it portrays her emotions throughout the story.

- Miss Brill concentrates on what everyone in the park is wearing, making judgments upon their social class. When she realizes the young couple is negatively making the same observations about her, shes devastated.

Exposition- Miss Brill introducing her fur (her parallel in life) and describing the park; the band, the people, and the "play" they put on for her.

Rising Action- The young couple sits down on the bench beside her and the young woman refuses to kiss her lover because of Miss Brill's presence/appearance.

Climax- Miss Brill overhears the young couple talk about her "ugly" fur and how they want her to leave, making her feel discouraged.

Falling Action- Miss Brill runs back to her lonely dark room because of what the young couple said about her and her fur.

Resolution- Miss Brill puts the fur back into the old box, as she does this, she thinks she can hear it crying (symbolizing her own sadness).

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