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Pluto 2 by Gaby

No description

James Newman

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Pluto 2 by Gaby

by Gaby Pluto the dwarf planet Pluto was discovered in
February 9 1930 in Arizona. Pluto was discover by Clyde Tombaugh A human would NEVER be able to live on Pluto without very high Tec gear. The very special thing
about Pluto is that that's
the only planet that an
America ever found. It took scientist 248 years
to find it. We could send spaceships to
take photos and rocks. we might be able to
land on the Pluto. Photos Pluto Photo's Clyde Tombaugh 10 interesting facts about Pluto People always thought
there was a planet farther than
Neptune. People called the
planet that might be there
planet X A spaceship would have to be very hot
because it would have to deal with
temperatures like -245 C. A human would starve because
you can't bring enough food
to get there in the first place. Peoples lives are very short it would take us
23 years and 5 days to get there and by the
time we would get there we would be dead
because you can't have enough food and
water to live 23 years. There is no water that is drinkable on Pluto so you would have to take enough water to support you and the crew. You would have to
ration from the start
to have enough
food and water
for 23 years. Pluto was named after
the roman god of death.
Not the carton dog. Nobody knew how big or
small Pluto intil it was
found. For now though we will
settle for taking photos
of Pluto. of Of Pluto's orbit sometimes brings
it closer then Neptune to the Sun. Pluto has a very thin atmosphere. Pluto has snow and ice. Pluto has frozen water that we
can't drink. Pluto's highest temperature
is 43k (-230) Pluto is a
dwarf planet Pluto was found
by an american. Pluto's moon
Charon is
almost bigger
than Pluto. Pluto was
once called
planet X Pluto has 5moons credit to google
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