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Science Presentation

What are Mirages?

aushim lakhana

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Science Presentation

Mirages Mirages are a specific form of optical illusions Mirages are caused by a refraction of hot air that distorts or inverts the reflections of distant objects See the distortion in the air In layman terms mirages are illusions that
are caused by hot and cold air resulting in a reflection of something that is actually far away however this effect is also technically qualified as a refraction.Mirages can also cause a distortion affect in the air There are three main types of mirages highway, inferior, and superior mirages. Highway mirages are the bluring effects you see in hot areas but they mostly occur on hot road ways. A superior and inferior mirages are the more commonly known type of mirages.They are basically the .However they are caused by diffrent types of air flow. An inferior mirage is caused when cold air is above hot air and thus causes the reflection to appear the below the actual object, most of the time this object is the sky, because of this it tends to look like a body of water in diffrent places like the dessert. A superior mirage is the opposite because it has the cold air below the warm air causing it to reflect light from the bottom instead of from above. They are less likely to occur but they tend to be more stable. The End
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