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on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Thesis

How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay:
Pass the STAAR &
get your High School Diploma!

Persuasive Writing for the STAAR Test
Persuasion is an attempt to change a
person’s mind. When writing persuasively you are trying to convince the audience that you're right! YOU want THEM to BELIEVE what YOU BELIEVE.

The thesis statement answers the question:
What am I writing about?
Body Paragraph 1
Topic sentence (1st line): This tells the reader the first reason why you are right.
Body Paragraph 2
Restate your position/thesis statement in a different way.
Always remember to Pre-write!

A thesis is a statement that introduces the main point of an argument. It has some other meanings too, but here we mean the main point that you are trying to prove in your essay or paper. Include your position, your topic, and two main ideas.
The thesis should state your position in a persuasive essay.
Make sure you address the prompt. Continue to look back at it while you are writing your paper.
The truth is, students need to learn to think independently and make decisions for themselves and if libraries ban objectionable books, students will not be able to do so.

This is the 2nd reason you are right. State your strongest argument in the 2nd paragraph. Start with a topic sentence. Here is an example:
Also, an essential idea is that limiting students’ access to controversial writing is a breach of their freedom under the Constitution.

Make sure to back up your topic sentence with specific details that prove your argument.
After the topic sentence you need 3-4 specific reasons to back up your statement. USE REAL (true) EXAMPLES to help yourself think of relevant and specific details.
School librarians should not ban books from the school library because students need to learn to choose for themselves and it goes against the American Constitution.

Re-stated in conclusion:
Students are at a point in life when learning to make their own decisions is a very important part of their education. By allowing students to choose books for themselves, school librarians allow freedom of choice and abide by the laws of the American Constitution.
Introduction should include:

Thesis statement . . . And
Example: --What would the world be like without books?

The hook can be the first sentence in your paper.
Take a side. Do not flip flop sides in your paper! Stand up for what you believe in and believe in yourself.
Things to remember . . .
Always Read the Prompt Carefully!
For the purpose of this presentation our prompt is:
Should librarians ban inappropriate books from school libraries?
Highlight important words!
Pre-write! Pre-write! Pre-write
examine both sides of the issue:
Should ban
Should not
1) students could be exposed to inappropriate materials.
1) students should learn to make their own choices.

2) Banning books is against the constitution.
These topics
are universally important to most people.
Social Issues
helps you think of your main ideas or Topic sentences.
TV shows
Social Media
Current Events
Personal Examples
Introduction ALWAYS includes:
YOUR HOOK: grab the readers attention
your Thesis!!!!!
If you do not have a thesis in your paper you will not receive the score you want.
The intro comes 1st . . .
Choose the easiest side to defend.
Specific: Books like to Kill a Mockingbird are on the list of the top banned books in our society.
nonspecific: Some good books are banned.
specific: Some kids may take what they read
in books and use it maliciously on school campus.
nonspecific: Some kids can't be trusted.
What is the difference between specific and nonspecific?
Focus on the WRITE prompt.

Identify an opposing argument and explaining why that argument is wrong.
EXAMPLE: Some people think books should be ban to protect students, but research shows reading banned books can lead to cultural sensitivity.
Refutation is required on the EOC persuasive essay.
Refutation can occur anywhere as long as you are clearly proving that the arguments on the other side are clearly wrong.
Make sure you have a clear thesis.
Don't forget your rebuttal!
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