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6th English Adjectives - Ch. 2

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Catherine Boineau

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of 6th English Adjectives - Ch. 2

6th English Adjectives - Ch. 2
Adjectives modify (describe) nouns and pronous
Adjectives answer 4 questions:
what kind? - athletic player
which one? - sixth grade
how much? - several touchdowns
how many? - seven games
*sometimes an adjective can come after the word it modifies
Articles - a, an, the
a/an = indefinite articles b/c they talk about any member of a group
the = definite article b/c it talks about someone/thing specifically
a is used before words starting w/ consonant sounds
an is used before a word beginning w/ a vowel sound
Noun or Adjective?
If you can't tell if a word is a noun or adjective, ask yourself what word it's modifying (describing)
Noun: The Saints are exciting to watch. (modifying the verb are)
Adjective: The Saints games are exciting to watch. (modifying the noun games)
Proper Adjectives
Proper adjectives are formed from proper nouns and begin w/ a capital letter.

Thanksgiving = Thanksgiving dinner
American = American girl
Ireland = Irish wool
Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives point out a specific noun or pronoun
this, that, these, those
*remember, demonstrative pronouns also begin w/ the 4 T's but are followed by verbs!
Pronoun: This is the best dessert I've ever eaten!
Adjective: This dessert is the best I've ever eaten!
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