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Languages of Europe

No description

Hannah Odom

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of Languages of Europe

Languages of Europe
Romance Language Family
Includes French, Italian, & Spanish

Most live in the south and west of Europe

These languages come from Latin, the language of the ancient Roman Empire

Play the audio and read the translations in the link below to hear a classic children's story spoken in French:

Slavic Language Family
Includes Russian

Found in central and eastern Europe

Written with a Cyrillic alphabet

Use the Cyrillic Alphabet to write your first name in Russian on a 'bumper sticker' to put on your locker!
Standard: SS6G11
The student will describe the cultural characteristics of Europe.

a. Explain the diversity of European languages as seen in a comparison of German, English,
Russian, French, and Italian.
Germanic Language Family
Has the most native speakers

Most live in northwest and central Europe

English & German are part of this family

About 20% of Europeans speak one of these two languages

Watch the link below to hear 10 Disney songs spoken in German:
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