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Daniel Jeevan

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of bridge

The Concept The Product WHO WE ARE ? Information Technology solution provider capable to build and deliver web and mobile based solutions. WHO WE ARE ? We are a startup consulting company which specializes in providing IT enabled services based on latest technology. WHAT WE DO ? The BIG Digital Agency This is our Bread and Butter ! Let's walk into our Dreams... BigDa deals with the advancement
of your organization and its brand value using digital channels such as web,social media and mobile phone. Social Media is growing generously and that’s where the most potential customers are.

You can no longer reach all categories of customers using traditional marketing methods.

People rely on recommendations from friends and they contact friends through digital media.

People trust search engines more than word of mouth. The phases that our agency goes through before our client organization is marketed digitally. What is our Digital Marketing Strategy ? We go through six major stages. Discover Plan Create & Refine Implement Measure Engage ` Our Services Creative Technology Marketing Researching and understanding customer requirements and the environment in which it operates Planning turns research into clear sets of consumer insights. In this phase, creative concepts are developed to support the overall strategy. During implementation, we translate the above discussed creative concepts into a real life procedures. During implementation, we translate the above discussed creative concepts into a real life procedures. Once the program in successfully implemented, we keep analyzing our work and its output so that performance can be improved as time goes on. An Extraordinary Team We combine our marketing, design &
technical expertise with our fanatical support to deliver outstanding services.
[ BigDa - The BIG Digital Agency Clients that take Digital services from BigDa will find that we are an agency with a difference.

Thriving from our roots in performance and creative marketing, we pride ourselves on delivering incredible service and great results. Tablet was first Introduced by Steve Jobs in the year 2010 This was followed by the introduction
of affordable Android Tablets. Tablet sales is expected to surpass
PC sales within the next two years.
Tablet became easily accessible to comman man.
Till date, around 100 million tablets have been sold World wide making tablet a Global Phenomena. Tablets are used in education sector in Some of the most prestegious Institutions of the world What's Next ? We are Introducing a Revolutionary Product to transform the Phenomenon of education to the next level....
Using the power of tablets.. EduTab Education Redefined What is EduTab ? EduTab is a unique solution and tablet combined together enabling cutting edge interactive learning experience. EduTab employs and utilizes the power of
cloud connectivity and versatility of tablets enabling easy access to digital contents EduTab Prototype EduTab is affordable for every students and any educational Institution

Every student and teacher is connected in wireless network via EduTab.

EduTab can function in online and offline mode and can replace the text books of an entire curriculam. EduTab Architecture Advantages of EduTab The end user does not need to learn how to operate it
as functions and UI in EduTab is really simple

The compact size and the attractive design with its interactive learning features makes education more fun.

The content can be added and deleted as training progresses.

The device will be restricted from unwanted features such as full-fledged access of the internet and entertainment.
The teacher can monitor students, give assignments, take attendance, conduct test and do many more...

The Digital contents in EduTab is world class and easy to understand. more content can be added by the teacher and distributed easily.

Queries and doubts can be instantly shared with the trainer and fellow students/trainees. It is also capable receiving instant feedback from them as well.

The device enables hours of learning on the go with single charge of battery.

Market Capabilities

This solution can be implemented successfully at any organization where trainings are being conducted.

The potential market for this solution will be established educational institutions both in India and overseas.

Implementing the entire solution is not expesive as constructing a computer lab.

Once this solution is implemented in some organizations and schools, It will set a new benchmark for other institutions to follow Our goal is to bring a revolutionary change
in Education sector by the Introduction of EduTab replacing convetional Text books.

Thank you for your time.
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